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14 May 2019
Frustration among the coach and the players for not scoring more goals and for dropping two points that could be important in the race for promotion.

José Luis Martí was still assessing if he was satisfied or not, this for liking the performance of the team, but not the result, “What we want is to win, but doing the things we made today you re closer to achieve the victory rather to only add a point, but you need to analyze the situations that you suffer. We suffered in punctual situations and had the chance to score the second goal, but despite the 1-1 we had three chances to get the second goal, and that tells me that this is an ambitious team.”

“I don’t know if this is a step back, we wanted the victory and everything different from the three points isn’t what we want. It isn’t a good result, but we are aware of the difficulties. But today we were fine and only conceded three chances in the counterattack to the rival and that’s good in this league and against this rival. We are in a process to valorize if we did the good things, but the important thing is to win. We wanted the victory and it wasn’t possible.” He added.

The Majorcan coach also explained why the third substitution wasn’t made, “Eneko [Bóveda] told us that he was feeling tired and we told Michelle [Somma] to be ready to enter, and we were waiting until the last moment to not end with one less player.”

He also explained the reason why Pedro Sánchez entered the field, “We made the change because we needed to refresh the right side, because we needed two-on-one situations against Machís, so later he could join the attack. Nahel was booked at the time and it was decided that he would be the one.” Finally, Martí explained the status of Cartabia after been replaced, “He was tired, he also had problems during the week. These are players making a great sacrifice.”

Carlos Fernández wasn’t happy with the result, “The result leaves you with a bittersweet taste, we were superior in the first part and the best chances were all for us, truly Cádiz is good in transitions, but if you analyze the game then you end up with a bad taste in the mouth. Their keeper was also fine and prevented us from adding ore points. Football is a thing of aim and we weren’t effective enough in order to win the game.”

Quique González was having similar thoughts, “Truly the feelings are good, once again the visiting keeper makes a good game, but right now the only thing that matters is to add three points. It’s good to have positive feelings, but only if we win.  You claim the lead and an isolated play screwed us. Sometimes football gives or takes things out, the other day in Zaragoza we were lucky. It was in our hands, and now we can only move forward.”

On Monday, Eneko Bóveda was also feeling sorry for the result, "It's bittersweet, because from the beginning it was a special match for the communion between team and fans. We played a good game against an opponent that’s above us at the standings. We were better and we got a result that doesn’t end up being good. If we had played the two previous games, to say the least, as against Cadiz, then the baggage would have been different. You prefer not to win like this as against Rayo or Extremadura. Yes, what you want in liga is to win or win, you cannot leave happy, but if there’s something good is that you saw the Depor that we all want to see.”

At Cádiz CF, Álvaro Cervera was accepting the result, “They have been fine having some occasions that they didn’t seize. When they scored, we had to change and play something else. We haven’t been bad because we haven’t been stuck. Either one of us could win. It has not been a good first part where neither of us have had occasions, but with mistakes by our side that I don’t like. In the second half we have managed the game and we have done well reaching the places where there is danger. And to not lose is good in a field like this.” 




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