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14 May 2019
Paco Zas was the third candidate to rule Deportivo that presented his project to the media. He promises to continue with the good results in a financial sense and to improve the sporting results. Del Pozo would continue as sporting director.

Paco Zas presented his candidacy to become the next president of Deportivo in the elections that will take place at the end of the month. On Monday he offered a press conference in order to give the first guidelines of the project called “Stability to grow”

He explained why he firstly announced that he wouldn’t run for the presidency,  only to change his mind one week later, "The president announced the resignation on Monday, it surprised everyone, I was so surprised that I didn’t believe it was true, nobody expected that decision, everyone who knows me knows that I have the dream of directing Deportivo, I cannot deny it, to manage Deportivo is the most important thing I can do in my life and it's a great responsibility, Deportivo covers so much field that many people don’t know, and a fundamental thing in this project is that you cannot do it without having a team next to you, I don’t want to speak, nor will I do it for the rest of the candidates, but no one would have the security nor the audacity to present a project without been joined by big professionals. At the time I didn’t have the full composition of the board, now I have my faithful Paul, Jesus and Alberto. At the time I couldn’t present a solvent and powerful candidacy. I wasn’t sure if I had that solvency, but after getting their response it made me reconsider.”

The project presented had four points and it means the continuity of the things done with Tino Fernández, asked about it Zas explained that, "I want to convey a message, if possible, as the motto of the campaign, of stability, there’s something that even in our house we do: what works is not touched, it’s about improving. We cannot fool anyone, it would be ridiculous, if we are here it’s because, in the sporting aspect, we didn’t have the same luck as in the economic field.”

The members of the board that Zas would choose for his project are Juanma Sánchez Padrós, Jorge Borrajo, Alberto Méndez Rodríguez, Jesús Chapela and Pablo Ruiz. Of this list Alberto Méndez is the one with the biggest experience in football as he was the vice-president of Victoria CF for 30 years. The list presented is composed by five members, but Zas announced that he will have eight, so three names are still pending to be announced.

The four main points of the project are:

Same financial guidelines: Zas praised the administration of the debt made by Tino Fernández.  He said that his project is ready to follow the same guidelines and, in case of been necessary, to reinforce the instances that control the finances of the club.

Same sporting director: Paco Zas announced that in case of been named president he will choose to continue with Carmelo el Pozo as the sporting director. “I can say that his work has been hard during this season.” He said about him.

Changes in the structure of the academy: Zas promised that his project will study the organization of the academy and that will take measures in order to correct the reasons why the youth teams had poor results on this season. But he sent a message to the club’s employees: “This doesn’t mean we will make deep changes or neither that we will fire people.” The intention is to capture the best talent in Galicia and later avoid their exit to bigger clubs in Spain and Europe.

Female section: Zas announce that he will reinforce the conditions of Depor Ladies and the B team, it will include the possibility to play official games at the Riazor. 





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