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16 May 2019
Quique González is the player of April at Deportivo, the striker believes that the team must be only focused in winning at Lugo and not get distracted by the situation at the standings.

Quique González was awarded as the player of April at Deportivo. He told to reporters that the team is only thinking of the game at Lugo, "It's a very important game and you have to leave your life in the next game, which is in Lugo. We only think about getting these three points that are key and we cannot be pending of what our rivals do, because if you lose concentration, then you are screwed.”

We are playing for a lot and aren’t thinking of other things than winning. The only thing we can do is to win, we don’t have to think about whether it is at home or away, just adding the three points, we know that doing things like the other day [against Cádiz] we will be closer to victory.” He added.
He was warning of the offensive potential by Lugo, "Lugo are playing good football and score many goals, although we should play serious and focused on not conceding a goal, because that will bring us closer to victory. We know that if we play like the other day, then we will be closer to achieving it."

The striker was thanking the support that the team will have at the Anxo Carro [around 1,500 fans], "It will be very important if we can win, as always. It's a short and comfortable displacement and we want to offer a victory to the fans.”

The Valladolid-born player isn’t worried for the two faces shown by Depor playing at home and outside home, “Last year I experienced a similar situation with Osasuna and you can see what results they have achieving this year at El Sadar. It’s part of football, but we don’t think about any of that and we are only focused on this game.”

Still, Quique was still feeling sorry for not winning the last game with Cádiz CF, "It has already happened more times throughout the season. We create chances, the goalkeeper becomes the best player of the match and makes big saves. But we have to continue, get up and continue giving the maximum, always."

Finally, his goal against Cádiz CF is leaving him as the second-best scorer in the league, but the ex-Osasuna isn’t worried for the Pichichi race, "On an individual level you want to do things well. In order to score goals you have to do a lot of things well to have that reward later. But if you only think about the goal, then it's a pressure."



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