17 May 2019
Winger Nahuel Leiva conceded an interview to AS, the winter singing admitted that he isnít giving his best and asks for more continuity in order to fulfill the expectations.

Q: How is the team after the draw against CŠdiz?
A: We were coming from two victories that gave us a lot of confidence and to believe in ourselves. It was a draw, but I think it was a good point, because of the team's performance.

Q: But there is only time left for results...
A: There are only four games left and itís clear that for us there are four finals, these games are vital. The first is Lugo, then we'll think about the next one.

Q: Do you think that the team plays more comfortable outside the Riazor?
A: Itís true that outside home, whether you like it or not, you find yourself a little more comfortable. You play a looser, without that pressure... But this is football and sometimes these kinds of streaks happen, you have to take them and try to change it in the next match at the Riazor.

Q: Now youíre playing outside again and with the support of 1,300 fans at the stands...
A: Their support is essential. We are going to try to dedicate a victory to them this Sunday, they deserve it. We are aware of what Ďs at stake.

Q: In the last game, you finally started...
A: Yes, I spent three games going very little into the team. I worked hard in training and the reward came in been a starter. I played 60 minutes and I think I did it at a good level, but with the draw...

Q: It was a game in which you went from more to less...
A: It may be, but there was also a rival in front thatís a good team. In the second half, for been losing, they went up and it cost us a little more. But I think the team knew how to react, after the draw we went for the game and deserved to win.

Q: Where do you feel more comfortable, on the wing or acting as a playmaker?
A: I feel more comfortable on the left side. But itís true that coaches have told me many times to look more for the centre.

Q: Almost since your arrival the team is in crisis. How have you experienced this fall?
A: I arrived during the bad streak, but the adaptation has been quick, I have been helped by many colleagues. I'm not happy with my performance, I'm not giving everything I have to give more. I have to give much more, the club expects a lot from me. But this didnít end yet, there are vital matches and to see if I can prove it.

Q: They removed a coach and the president has resigned. How has the changing room managed so much trouble?
A: It has been two hard months, but in the group we have managed to carry all this although there were no results and the streak was very bad. I think we're going to go ahead in these four games and take part of the playoff.

Q: What are you missing in order to gain confidence?
A: I'm not giving one hundred percent, although the other day I think I took an important step. I think I need a goal and play two or three games to get that confidence. So far, I havenít had continuity, when you have that then confidence almost appears by itself.

Q: You are very young, but you already have a long list of teams. How do you manage so much change?
A: I am 22 and yes, I have played in several teams. I came with the intention of going up with Deportivo to Primera and stabilizing myself here. Both my family and I are very comfortable here. I hope to clinch the promotion and that we stay several years.




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