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22 May 2019
Former sporting advisor Fernando Vidal presented his candidacy to the role of president at Deportivo. He promises changes in the sporting direction, but didn’t confirm who is going to command this department.

One week before the elections for the presidency of Deportivo, Fernando Vidal presented his candidacy and the main aspects of his proposal. His project seems to be the stronger one for the support that he is dragging and should be considered as the main candidate ahead of Tuesday’s shareholders meeting.

He also presented his team of advisors: José Luis Queijeiro, Manuel José Vázquez, Juan Antonio Armenteros and Luis Montes. These four men have experience in several aspects of corporate business, with Manuel Vázquez as the only one with experience in football (he was the president of some minor clubs in A Coruña and currently is the president of the amateur football federation in A Coruña).

During the presentation, Vidal explained why he decided to run for the presidency and why he waited until the final week, “We are presenting ourselves due to a responsibility. We have chosen to wait until the last moment with the damage it causes to us, because we wanted to achieve a significant number of shareholders and delegations. there were attempts that haven’t emerged, but we had to take a step forward because in the current scenario in which the club moves, playing the possibility of taking part of the playoff, Depor need a board of directors that has experience and contributes all its knowledge to the club’s service.”
"We are all Deportivistas with many years been socios, people delivered to a Deportivo that we carry in our hearts and this is our motivation. It’s a very risky step for everyone on a personal level. We have nothing to gain and a lot to lose. We will be advisors of a Sporting Society, but above all managers of a football club and we will empty ourselves in this project, whether is in Primera or Segunda.” He added.

The five main subjects in his proposals are:

1- Changes in the sporting organization: Vidal announced the creation of the figure of director of football, who will be under the command of the sporting director. There will be a department of planning and scouting and the director of football will be the coordinator of all the teams at the club, he also announced that there will be a director of female football. He also said that the club will increase the relation with the small clubs currently under a collaboration agreement (AFAC), clubs that provide young prospects to the academy.

What Vidal didn’t clarify is who is going to be the sporting director. There were rumours that Richard Barral was going to return to the club, but Vidal didn’t want to talk about it, and neither confirmed if Carmelo Del Pozo is going to continue in this role. What he said about the subject was, “We are in a moment in which the most important thing is the promotion to Primera. It isn’t time to talk about names. I don’t know Carmelo del Pozo. If we are elected, he will be one of the first people we will have to talk to, he will tell us about his project in Primera or Segunda and what he thinks about the academy. It's time to introduce ourselves, to speak of names is a lack of respect.”

2- Economical stability: He said that the club will continue in the same road than Tino Fernández regarding the financial aspects of the club, though he promised more transparency to the shareholders.

3- A club looking to foreign countries: Vidal said that the local market is saturated and that the club must increase his presence in foreign countries. He didn’t announce measures, but said that the club must search for the support of foreign companies in order to increase the income for merchandising and sponsorship.

4- Social novelties: Vidal announced the creation of the figure of ambassadors and the defender of the socio. The ambassador will be a link between the club and the outside world, not only a link with the team using a former player, but a public figure that could be used as a link with companies as part of the branding. The defender of the socio will be responsible of improving the custom service towards the season ticket holders. He also talked of a project called “educational Depor” that will try to educate academy players and his parents regarding how to behave inside and outside the field.

5- Improvement in the communications: Vidal said that the club needs to improve the relation with the media and the public. He talked of increasing the exposure of the players and coaches to the public, this in order to see the papers talking all day long of the club and promised better relations with reporters. He also said that Depor need to increase the numbers of followers on Instagram and announced the creation of a mobile application to bring information and custom service to the fans.



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