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29 May 2019
The coach and the players were relived as Deportivo returned to winning ways after missing a positive result at the Riazor within the last three months.

Coach José Luis Martí was trying to explain how Depor won the game, “The faith and insistence, to believe that anything is possible and not surrender. Truly we tried in the second part and the victory was the only thing that was useful. We allowed too many chances as we tried to attack, but we had to risk and the team was good in that transition. The team made a solid first half and since that point we can describe it as what we wanted: to believe that everything was possible.”

The Majorcan coach didn’t want to say that Depor won more than three points in this game, “We added three points and cannot say that we won something more. It’s also true that’s a morale boost, but we still need to add more. Now we go for the three points in Elche.”

He was explained the change of Nahuel for Quique González, “We were thinking about the change. It wasn’t ready yet. Maybe we were going to replace a defender at the back as we understood that the draw was useless ad then the injury of Quique forced us to pull Nahuel into the pitch, then the action of the penalty occurred and we lived that play with emotion.”

The coach also explained what happened to Quique González as he left the game injured, “Yes, it was a muscle issue, right in the back zone of the thigh, in the zone of the hamstring muscle. Tomorrow he will pass the scans and we will see.”

Martí didn’t want to say that the victory is a turning point in the season of Depor, “What we must do is to think that the team fought until the end, putting a lot of intensity. We also suffered in the second part and, in the end, we had to risk and made a great job, and this is the path to follow ahead of the coming weekend. We must continue relying in the players that are giving their best in each action.”

The two heroes of the game talked to reporters; first Carlos Fernández was describing how he took the penalty, “I had clear in my mind where I was going to put the ball and was calm, though Reina did what he could in order to save the goal.”

The striker was also happy for offering the victory to the fans after three months without wins at the Riazor, "We have to enjoy this victory and starting on Wednesday to think about the match we have against Elche. We are very happy and we deserved it, but also the people deserve a victory.”

Then Dani Giménez, who was a protagonist with his saves, said that the victory should be a turning point for Depor, “To win a game like this is something that raises your spirit. You will find a few groups of fans like the ones of Depor and they supported us like anyone else. I was only hoping the ball could enter, we needed a game to believe until the end.”

At RCD Mallorca, coach Vicente Moreno was feeling sorry for leaving the Riazor without points, "It's a pity, because we saw ourselves in the final part, not with the point but with the victory, the match was to win it, but the fact of not scoring in any of the occasions, which have been quite clear, has given them that possibility We didn’t manage well the last minute and football has been cruel.”

"The order was to win the game from the beginning, and in order to do that, it led the team to make the mistake of not structuring the game. This isn’t a matter of merits, but goals and results and they have been right on it. Some thought that this would be easy, we are there, depending on ourselves to be able to stay in the promotion zone. Depor wanted the same than us and in the end they have had that bit of luck that is needed.” He added. 




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