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03 Jun 2019
The new president seems determined in rescuing the academy, while he is considered to be a continuist of Tino Fernández’s financial policies.

Francisco Martinez Zas is about to complete his first week as Deportivo’s president an already showed signs of what could be expected from him. He arrived into the job considered to be a new version of Tino Fernández; actually the votes of the former president were key to got elected. Zas won with 33,859 votes and around 24,000 were shares of Fernández or delegated to him.

So, it isn’t strange to expect a continuity of the financial measures started by Tino Fernández; actually since presenting his candidacy Zas praised the administration of the debt made by the former president.  At the time he said that his project is ready to follow the same guidelines and, in case of been necessary, to reinforce the instances that control the finances of the club.

What’s expected to be different is the treatment to the academy teams. The current season has been a disaster for Depor’s youth teams, the relegation of Fabril, plus the poor results of the Juvenile ad Cadete teams have shown the fragility of the academy police at the club.

And Zas is determined in changing the picture. In this sense it wasn’t an accident to see that his first actions at the club were related to the academy. During his speech after winning the elections, Zas talked of making a call to the mother of a young prospect that was about to be lost by the club and that was close to be signed by RCD Celta.

That lad is David De la Iglesia, a promising player that performed for Calasanz in the Cadetes team. The kid has provoked a little storm during the week. The president of RC Celta, Carlos Mouriño, said during a press conference held to talk of the season results that they weren’t stealing a player from Depor as he was playing for another club, and that they are close to sign him. However, Calasanz released a statement one day later denying the words of Celta’s president and assuring that the player isn’t going there as there isn’t any collaboration deal with the club from Vigo.

Meanwhile, Zas already made other moves related to the academy before completing one week in the job. At the end of last week, the club announced the renewal of Jorge Valin. The right-back started the season at Juvenil A and ended it making 17 appearances with Fabril. He signed a two-year renewal.

And a new move was announced on Sunday: the return of Aarón Sánchez. The playmaker was part of the Cadete team that won the national tournament with Deportivo a couple of years ago, and later he left the club after not finding a secure spot at Fabril. At the time it was considered a lost opportunity for Deportivo now he returns as the first signing of Fabril after penning a two-year contract.




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