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04 Jun 2019
Depor’s coach wants to skip the euphoria of the last victory and warns that the rival is dangerous. Elche’s coach is promising to end the season on a high note.

José Luis Martí addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. The club decided not to give a second press conference after the delay. The coach only talked briefly of José Antonio Reyes as he was his team mate at Sevilla CF. He wants to forget the joy of the recent victory over RCD Mallorca in order to be focused in this game. The following is a summary of the thing he said in the press conference.

Preparing a final: “Evidently we are talking of a very important game, it’s the most important one as it’s the next one. Since that point we are going out with the same intensity and hope that the lads had shown before. The morale is high and will try to add the three points that we need.”

The game with Mallorca: “It’s already in the past now. We are now facing a team that’s tough at their stadium, they combine pretty well and we need to surpass those adversities.”

Are the players excited after the latest victory? “What I tried to transmit to the players is that it is in the past, it’s useless against Elche. It won’t help us, what will help us is what we do on the pitch throughout the 90 minutes. The last three points are on the bag and won’t return, we need the next three ones that are disputed on Sunday.”

Elche: “They are professionals and will demonstrate that they want to end as high as possible. We must demonstrate that we are playing for a lot, and the players have been demonstrating it to me in the trainings. Elche are going to be intense and I don’t think we are going to find anything different, we know of the importance of what’s at stake.”

Intensity: “I don’t know if the intensity is going to be the same among both teams. What I know is that my team is going to be 120% ready for each action in the game. We will try to practice the best football and end the plays, that’s clear to me.”

Iñigo López “Total normality. The team is acting as any normal thing at Deportivo.”

Quique González is out: “You have a squad for this, so if at any moment you miss someone, somebody else will show up. Deportivo have a great squad and surely the one stepping in will do a great job too.”

Paco Zas: “He is transmitting the same idea: that we all want the good for Deportivo. Sacrifice and that what matters is to win.”

Direct rivals playing at the same time: “The clear thing for us is that we must do our job and cannot change what others do, so we need to remain focused in adding the three points. I will try to be worried of what’s in our game, and other members of the staff will be monitoring the other games.”

Neither José Rojo ‘Pacheta’ talked for a second time with the media despite his preview of the game was made on Friday’s noon. He was asking his team to have pride and revenge the 0-4 of the first round, he also assured the team will give its best despite already been saved. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The last set-backs playing on the road: “We will be the same team that has been competing with me for fifteen months.  At home, we are doing very well and outside we are less forceful, but we are very identified with our public and our field and that cannot be broken, we cannot let it be broken."

Is the team distracted after clinching the permanence? . "You loosen up, it's human, but you have to be a killer, because if you aren’t, then they kill you and it's time for us to cry this week. Do not cry, do not lose it, force them to take it away from you. Surely Depor are worried, because they know that they face a rival that doesn’t lower its arms and that always gives the face. We can lose or draw, but we always had the option to win.”

Deportivo: “I must say that, in my opinion, Depor have the best squad of the league and away from home they are freed and they are winning many matches . They need to win this one.”

Revenging the 0-4 of the first round: "We have to go out feeling hurt, and to win in order to say good-bye to our fans, so that they feel proud of our game, we have to run for everybody and maintain the commitment and push, that factor  that’s making this club a very big one."

Complaint for a two-match suspension after been sent off at Nástic: "It hurts, because I don’t raise my arms, as shown in the images and against what was written in the act. But it’s even more serious that I am sanctioned with the seven percent of the League for a protest, it’s an outrage, and if a bigger move is made, then they would have to shoot us for the comparison of the crime. I just thank that we aren’t playing for our life in these two games. I apologize to the referee and the assistant for any error I can commit, but it was a minor mistake."

Future of the club: "The goal is to consolidate the team at Segunda, without shying away from what it might come, because we have to be ambitious and that’s the feeling that the club transmits to me, that’s why I signed a renewal. This entity can bear Primera División and we are going there."



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