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06 Jun 2019
Deportivo failed countless opportunities in a game where it showed two different faces. Carlos Fernández appeared on the second half to waste six chances, while Pedro Sánchez had a solid match.

The five notes from the game at Elche CF:

1- Two very different halves: Deportivo suffered within the first minutes, because Elche CF put a high pressure that was affecting the output of the ball. The Galicians have been having problems when the rival presses the players that are moving the ball from the back as Edu Expósito has to move backwards and later doesn’t find a partner to combine, thus the offensive game of Depor was reduced to the counterattacks often led by Pedro Sánchez. Carlos Fernández never appeared in the first part.

But things radically changed for the second part, because the high pressure disappeared, Edu was no longer forced to delay his position, Cartabia and Pedro Sánchez were appearing on the sides, and especially Carlos Fernández started to be a constant threat. As a result, Depor passed from only having two opportunities to score to have ten in the second part.

2- Unfair result: It’s hard to find another game in which Depor create so many opportunities without adding the three points, actually this is a contrast with the victory at Zaragoza one month before with the team only creating two chances and completing a lonely shot on target to end winning the game. This time the Galicians had 12 opportunities, completed 20 shots, 10 of them on target and one of them hitting the post. Meanwhile, Elche CF only completed 9 shots and none of them met the target.

3- The numbers of Carlos Fernández:It was an unusual quiet first part for Carlos Fernández, the striker only completed 5 passes in the  first part and didn’t have any opportunity, but later he was unleashed in the second, to the point of wasting six opportunities to score. He ended the game with 21 passes (accuracy 71%), six shots, five of them on target and one that hit the post.

4- The game of Pedro Sánchez: The countless opportunities wasted by Depor and the fact of not adding the three points are shadowing the solid game of Pedro Sánchez. The playmaker was the only man that had a good performance on both halves, and ended the game completing 21 crosses, completing 44 passes (accuracy 77%) and most importantly creating 8 opportunities to score. He also completed two shots.

5- The modifications: Once again the modifications made by Martí didn’t have any positive impact in the game. Nahuel only entered in order to lose the ball in a couple of opportunities, Christian Santos joined the long list of players that wasted opportunities, and the entry of Vicente Gómez was only refreshing midfield territory and didn’t influence in the game.



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