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09 Jun 2019
No surprises at the Riazor; Córdoba tried to be offensive, but it barely made anything against a Depor that scored at the end of the first part and at the beginning of the second. The Galicians will face Málaga in the playoff.

Coach José Luis Martí sent the expected lineup, which was the same one of the game at Elche CF.  Quique González passed the last cut before the game, but the coach decided that he should be at the bench.

Dani Giménez was the starting keeper, Eneko Bóveda covered the right side in defence, Saúl García played on the left, the centre-backs were Pablo Mari and Domingos Duarte. Álex Bergantiños and Edu Expósito played at midfield, Fede Cartabia attacked from the right wing, Pedro Sánchez did it from the left, then Borja Valle and Carlos Fernández played at the centre of the attack.

At Córdoba CF, coach Rafa Navarro presented a 4-1-4-1 formation with Quim Araujo, Javi Lara, Alejandro Alfaro and Federico Piovaccari as the main references in attack.

Depor lasted in losing the nerves, but the locals found the opportunities at the end of the half and also a goal. Córdoba CF tried to play offensively, but only left lagoons that Deportivo started to seize within the final minutes.

The game started with a willful Deportivo that didn’t want to waste time and that was trying to accelerate the actions, but it missed passed in key moments, so the Galician only a earned a couple of corner-kicks within the first ten minutes.

And the first chance to score was for Córdoba CF, Yann Bodiger headed a cross from the right and Dani Giménez had to clear the ball over the crossbar (7’). The first approximation for the locals was a combination on the left flank, Saúl assisted Borja Valle and his low cross was cleared by a defender (10’). The left wing was going to be key, at least in this half.

The first big chance to score also came on the left wing, a combination between Saul and Pedro Sánchez ended with the latter collecting a loose ball and releasing a low shot that was deflected by visiting goalie Carlos Abad (14’).

Depor were having the ball and had a constant presence in offence, but their plays weren’t ending in scoring opportunities. Just a couple of attempts of Borja Valle and Cartabia that didn’t meet the target.

The game was open, because Córdoba CF wasn’t a defending team, actually it tried to be the opposite, and by doing it, the Andalusians left big lagoons at midfield that allowed Deportivo to step into the rival’s area at will, but later the locals seemed desperate and were missing passes or releasing crosses into zones in which there wasn’t any Depor’s player.

So, it isn’t strange that the next chance to score came until minute 37. Carlos Fernández collected the ball at the edge of the area and, instead of assisting two partners, attempted a shot that was blocked by Abad.

And Depor pressed within the final five minutes. Borja Valle should have scored at minute 42, again Depor arrived by the left wing and, after a serious of rebounds, the striker released a strong shot that was deflected by a defender.  And the goal arrived in the last play of the half, again the action begun on the left, Saúl released a low cross that Vallejo couldn’t clear, the loose ball was found by Borja Valle who just had to push the ball in from the box.

Deportivo increased the lead early in the half and, after a couple of minutes in which both sides created scoring chances, the game became passive until the Galicians had some chances to score at the end of the meeting.

The second part started with a more serene Depor and also with the second goal, Álex Bergantiños regained the ball at midfield, and in the process he accidentally assisted Pedro Sánchez with the face, who later released a precise rocket into the top-corner of Carlos Abad. The playmaker was the best player in the game.

Despite Depor were defining the pass to the playoff, the game continued to be crazy and open. At minute 50, a combination at the edge of the area left Federico Piovaccari alone against Dani Giménez, and his strong volley ended hitting the crossbar. In the next play Depor unleased a counterattack, again on the left, and this time the volley of Pedro Sánchez passed close to the crossbar.

The first substitution at Depor was the entry of Nahuel Leiva for Cartabia, he started to play on the right wing.  Then the game started to lose speed. Córdoba CF were more passive and Depor were calmer.

Martí was already making changes in order to rest his men, so he replaced Carlos Fernández with Vicente Gómez.  Córdoba CF were already defeated and Depor could have increased the lead, but the shots of Nahuel (73’) and Pedro Sánchez (74’) were blocked by Carlos Abad. At minute 82, Borja Valle attempted a crossed shot from the left and the ball went wide.

The last substation in the regular season was the entry of David Simón for Pedro Sánchez and the last chance for Córdoba CF was a wide shot of Federico Piovaccari saved by Dani Giménez (84’).

Deportivo played a decent game, without major errors against a Córdoba CF that created some problems through Federico Piovaccari. The goals came at the right moment and calmed the environment, so the Galicians didn’t suffer to seal the pass to the playoffs.

The victory of Depor, combined with the draw of RCD Mallorca at Extremadura UD (0-0) and the victory of Málaga over Elche CF (3-0), meant that the Galicians end sixth, therefore they will face Málaga CF in the first round of the playoff. The first game is on Wednesday (Riazor, 21h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-4-2) Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Domingos Duarte, Pablo Mari, Saúl – Cartabia (Nahuel 60’), Álex Bergantiños, Edu Expósito, Pedro Sánchez (David Simón 84’) – Borja Valle, Carlos Fernández (Vicente Gómez 70’).
Córdoba: (4-1-4-1) Carlos Abad – Loureiro, Chus Herrero, Flaño - Vallejo – Javi Lara (Chuma 81’), Bodiger (Moyano 68’), Araujo (Carbonell 75’), Alfaro - Piovaccari.
Goals: 1-0: (44’) Borja Valle, 2-0: (50’) Pedro Sánchez
Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido. He showed yellow card to Loureiro (90+1’)
Venue: Riazor (22,268)
Other statistics: Ball possession (57% - 43%); Attempts to score (9 – 4); Total shots (21 - 8); Shots on target (6 - 3); Saves by the keepers (3 - 4); Corner-kicks (11 - 4); Offsides (3 - 5); Fouls committed (12 - 13); Passing accuracy (89% - 87%)




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