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12 Jun 2019
Both coaches assure that they will use the same philosophy that brought their teams to this stage. Depor’s boss says the mental aspect is the key, while Málaga’s manager wants an offensive team.

José Luis Martí addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon. He analyzing the meeting in the playoff and assured that the mental aspect will be very important. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The tie: “We know there will be a returning leg and that we need to avoid allowing a goal at home. But we arrived with the feeling that the team is in a good moment. We hope to get the best possible result, but in no case will the tie be decided at the Riazor. It will be in the returning leg. We have recent experiences in competitions like the Champions, because any result can be turned around ".

Tiredness after the long season: “Both teams arrive punished after a full season. Anything can happen in these kinds of games.”

Will Depor change in the playoff? “We won’t change the philosophy that brought us here. We face a rival that works with the ball possession, and if we can recover the ball, then we will try to create a lot of scoring chances. We had something like twenty shots within the last three games.”

Is Depor solid at defence: “Sometimes you are confusing the fact of not allowing goals to be fine in defence, but the only thing we are planning is to see the players having a clear idea and be able to surpass the rival.”

Deportivo have wasted a lot of opportunities in recent games: “You can lack luck or effectiveness in attack, but the important thing is to continue trying.”

The mental aspect: “It’s very important to work the mental aspect, because you will have good and bad moments in a tie, sometimes in the same game. That’s why you cannot work only having in mind one lineup, the exhaustion can be important. The motivation or moment of euphoria saw in the last game needs to be handled properly, but we like to feel the love of the fans, it is easier to get a result with it.”

Is Depor still feeling the pressure? “We arrive to the meeting feeling obligated due to the goal established at the start of the season. We are here not for the errors of others, but because we added more points than the seventh place.”

No favourites: “I don’t think of things like who is the favorite, we just said that they have an advantage for the position in which they ended, because they will qualify if they don’t allow any goal in both games.”

Málaga: “They have very fast players on the sides and Leschuck protects the ball in attack. Later Adrián arrives from behind. It’s a great team beyond the casualty of N’Diaye or the great moment of Ontiveiros.”

Víctor Sánchez del Amo addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon. He is optimistic with his team and assures that hi side will go out for the victory in both games. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Keeping the same philosophy: "We are facing a definitive tie, only one of the two teams is going to pass and we are going with the prospect of being us, with that home and that desire. The goal is clear:  the promotion. Our philosophy doesn’t change; we will go out for the win as all the matches. In the regular season some results escaped from us and that’s why we haven’t achieved the direct promotion, but we continue with the same philosophy for the 'play-off'.”

Deportivo at home: “I know the club and the fans well, how they are with the team at the important moments. When they play at home the players have a plus and that has helped them when they have had a difficult situation. It has been a turbulent year for them, with many extra-sporting situations. But they have been protected by their people and now, in the 'play-off', the perspective changes. There is a lot at stake and they are very excited. But we face the first leg with great enthusiasm, knowing that we are going to make a good result to be able to close it at home."

How to face a two-leg tie? "You have to take into account the nuances of a tie, in my case it's the first in a 'play-off' of promotion, but I've been in Copa, in Champions League, both as a coach and as a player. It’s all related to pass this first round and play another round.”

The absence of N'Diaye: “It’s a situation that was in the possibilities, it doesn’t break the schemes, because it entered into the options. We work with the alternatives since our arrival to the club.”

The fans are excited: "We have to be happy, it means they have confidence in our players, because I'm at the hotel, and I'm about to ask permission and put a flag on the balcony. You have to give free rein to the fans, all of that adds up: you don’t have to keep your emotions."




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