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14 Jun 2019
A facelift of Deportivo after the suffering in the regular season, a simple change of position ordered by Martí at half-time allowed to recover the best version of Pedro, Cartabia and Edu Expósito.

The six notes from the game Vs. Málaga CF:

1- Welcome to the playoff: Deportivo started the game giving the impression intimidated by the latest run of the rival, it was surpassed in big stages of the first half, but in the second it recovered the best version of the first games on the campaign, a very effective team that scored a goal in every shot on target that was completed. It was a reminder that the promotion playoff is a different story with unpredictable outcomes. 

2- Turnaround points at both halves: It was a crazy game with a lot of actions to recall, but marked by two punctual actions, one in each half. At minute 35, Depor were growing in the game and Pedro Sánchez was unable to find the net after a high cross from David Simón, the score was 1-1 at the time and only one minute later Ontiveiros scored and Depor fell down for the remaining of the first part.

In the second half the turning point was in favor of Deportivo. Pedro Sánchez equalized the score, and in one of the only two chances of Málaga in the half, Ontiveiros could have restored the lead for his side, but his lateral free-kick hit the woodwork. Just one minute later Carlos Fernández netted the third for the locals and this time Málaga CF was the side going down to end losing by two goals.

3- The tactics of both coaches: Tactical lesson from Jose Luis Martí in the second half. He saw that his team was having the usual problems to have the ball and create opportunities, so at half-time he switched into a 4-2-3-1, Cartabia was moved to the centre, while Borja Valle and Pedro Sánchez attacked from the wings, and with Álex holding on at midfield, Edu Expósito finally found a connection with attack. And with a disoriented Málaga the Galicians were a hurricane impossible to stop.

Meanwhile, Víctor Sánchez never knew hot to stop the avalanche, and even looked bad at the end of the game with the change of Pau Torres, the centre-back was injured and the coach inexplicably lasted five minutes in making the substitution, even forcing the defender to go back into the field. By the time Diego González had entered the field, Málaga have already conceded the fourth goal. Víctor also failed to find a companion to Ontiveiros, the only one that brought danger to Deportivo. Neither Renato nor Boulahroud found the space at midfield, Adrián González wasn’t arriving from the second line and Blanco Leschuk appeared until the final minute of the stoppage time.

4- Cartabia, Edu Expósito and Pedro Sánchez: The incredible performance in the second half can be explained by the sacrifice of the whole team, but also by the radical change of three players: Fede Cartabia, Edu Expósito and Pedro Sánchez. The Argentine was simply unstoppable moving from the centre to the sides and ended providing two assists, Pedro Sánchez was a nightmare on the left and scored a great goal, while the ex-Fabril was drilling precise passes (46 passes, 84% passing accuracy).

5- Two strikers scoring a goal: For the first time in 2019, two different attackers scored a goal in the same game of Depor. Carlos Fernández scored a brace and Borja Valle found the back of the net within the final minutes. The last time this happened was in the 3-1 win over Zaragoza back in December of 2018. In that opportunity Borja Valle and Quique González scored a goal.

6- Third time with Depor scoring 4 goals in the same game: This is the third meeting on the current season with Deportivo scoring four goals, and the three opportunities was with the Galicians playing at the Riazor. The previous two were against Elche CF (4-0, October 12) and Real Oviedo (4-0, November 10)



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