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14 Jun 2019
The coach and the players were proud of Deportivo’s reaction, but all of them are conscious that the two-goal lead isn’t a guarantee for the second-leg game.

Coach José Luis Martí was trying to explain what happened between the first and the second half, "It wasn't easy to manage the game. We started without having the ball and later we reacted and changed the movements for the second part, since then we saw the team that was needed. It was good and we recovered the ball, since then the team grew up."

The Majorcan man was praising the public and the behavior of his players, "You notice the fans and surely they pushed the ball in during one of those goals. The players have also earned me with the effort that they have shown, they have brought back the hope to the fans. I am calm watching them work.”

Despite the two-goal advantage, the coach doesn’t believe that they are the favorites in the tie, “We have an advantage, but we aren't the favorites. In today’s football you cannot label any team as the favorite, but I’m convinced we will play as we should and I expect to win the next game and pass the tie, but the next game is difficult as the rival is among the best in the league."

Martí was also explained the physical situations of the players, " Eneko, Pablo Mari and Dani [Giménez] had issues, now we have two days to recover them, but we have a deep squad and we are calm. Pedro [Sánchez], Carlos, Fede and Borja Valle, the four attackers in the game, ended tired and with muscle problems, probably we will have to make changes, always knowing that we are leading the tie." There was also an explanation to why Quique González didn’t play, “He [Quique] is fine and we decided not to risk him, this wasn’t simply a game for him."

Carlos Fernández scored a brace and believes that the faith of Depor was the key for the comeback, "In this type of ties you cannot leave the game, you have to keep believing and be mentally strong. The most important thing was to continue believing until the end, because at any moment that situation could be favorable.”

The attacker was also foreseeing the returning leg, "Ninety minutes are left. It's going to be a war in Málaga and we have to be prepared for whatever comes in. It's going to be very difficult for anyone who thinks the tie is done.”

Álex Bergantiños was very happy with the sacrifice of the team, “The games are turned around with football and heart. The heart was there and we interpreted things better in the second half. We were too long and they scored twice in the first part, and in the second we were more released and gained more confidence having the ball. It was a crazy game and maybe people expected for a low score. I will always remember this game and I enjoyed it a lot.”

The midfielder confessed that the team is feeling more united in this final stage of the season, “I believe things are complicated as the clubs going down have to face a restructuration and we have been strong in a mental sense, we had games until death in the final stage of the regular season, and I believe this has been useful in order to face this tie.”

Depor’s captain also foresees a tough retuning leg, “At halftime people could have been saying that Málaga had everything to pass, now if they score at minute 1, then they will be one goal away of passing. This is football and, especially this year, there have been turnarounds in all kinds of competitions and we need to be prudent, knowing that the next game is going to be tough and they can enter into the tie at any moment.”

One day after the game, the club had a media day at Abegondo and the players were able to talk to the media. Dani Aranzubia was analyzing the meeting, “It’s the fruit of a team that believes in itself. Recently, we played many games in which a lot was at stake, this was one more. The team grows against adversity, overcoming challenges. The team believed, in the second part we made a step forward. When Depor are effective, then we are very dangerous. Málaga started well, having control of the ball, It’s true that in the first part it cost us, but the players' faces were telling me that we were going to turn around. Many times you are in the field and seeing your teammates you know that this doesn’t end here. "

Somma was a starter after the injury of Pablo Mari, he analyzed the meeting, “It was a good game, at first we were a little behind, nervous, but the games last ninety minutes. We all made a step forward in the second part. In the second leg we will surely find a Málaga that will come out and give everything, but we also play for a lot. We are going to do what we know, like the second part of yesterday.”

Similar was the opinion of David Simón, "The first twenty minutes weren’t as we would have liked. They scored an unstoppable goal, that can lower your morale, but I'm very happy with the team. We knew how to react, what we had to do. The fans pushed us too; the reaction and the sacrifice, if we do it twice on Saturday, much better.”

At Málaga CF, Víctor Sánchez Del Amo was explaining what happened in the game, "Things were quite equal throughout the game and I would say there has been a half for each one.  But there has also been a circumstance in the first fifteen minutes of the second part in which we didn’t have many attack situations by Depor. It's been three shots, three goals. It was foreseeable that Depor would take a step forward, we talked about it at the break, but we came out with the same mentality and the same ambition.”

“Their push was foreseeable. We were close to 1-3 in a good attack, but we lost the ball and it came the 2-2 and then the 3-2 was a similar circumstance, after Ontiveros missed a free-kick. The final result attracts the attention, but it isn’t definitive. The team was alive and looking for the third goal, what happens is that in front of us we had a very important opponent, with very high-level players and a lot of effectiveness. The effectiveness of Depor has turned the game around. All their shots have been goals.” The ex-Depor coach added. 




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