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17 Jun 2019
The coach and the players were proud of the solid defensive game of the team; Martí was dedicating the victory to the fans.

Coach José Luis Martí was very happy with the performance of his team, “We are happy and content. We still have a final, but today’s effort was great, to understand the game and know how to suffer, and from there to handle these situations, demonstrate the commitment with the club.”

He explained the goal of the starting eleven, “We tried to have ball possession. It was hard for us having more people by the inside, having pause and avoiding a game of ups and down, but as the game progressed we knew that, if the score was favorable, we were going to need fresh people as Fede and Borja [Valle], so we can open and find the finalizations.”

Asked if the players were tired, the Majorcan explained that, “They are tired, and in the end the hope and happiness covers the tiredness. Truly we need freshness. I already took part of the playoff and learned that you need fresh people when you play two games in three days, and now we will see what we do on Thursday.”

He continued analyzing the game, “The errors are part of football, unfortunately the keeper committed that error, but the game was underway at that point. We weren’t suffering. We suffered in the first part with the ball hitting the post twice, but in the second we were fine, we had two lanes that were together, but that fortune gave us the victory. In the end Depor had more aim and it allowed us to reach the final stage.”

Martí was also saying that the pass to the final round is more a reward for the fans than a plus in his career, “No, this isn’t a plus for me, this is a plus for the 31,000 that will be at the Riazor. For them it is a plus, and especially the players, the ones suffering for eleven months. Together, we want to clinch the promotion.”

Alex Bergantiños was among the best players in the game, he was commenting the fact of scoring a goal, “I don’t score too many goals, but they are important. It was a matter of ending the play. It was the end of the game and I don’t even know how it entered. Today we made a great game and closed the tie. We had solidarity and it’s the way to advance.”

The midfielder analyzed the game, “Nothing is done, no matter who the rival is, it will be tough. The team knew how to suffer at the end of the league and today we also knew how to suffer against a big team. We defended pretty well despite they hit the post twice. They push and lock you at your zone of the field, and we missed to find their back with a proper pass, something you need is patience. It’s what we missed, but we need to look to positive things like the defence that we had.”

Eneko Bóveda said that the key was to forget the previous result, “It was a game in which you needed to forget the previous result, fear make you look up at the screen at the stadium and you don’t need that. That’s the main problem. With the luck that you need to see the ball hitting the post, I will like to emphasize the sacrifice of the team covering all the cracks. I liked what we did.”

The centre-back was also content with the defensive contribution of his team-mates, “When a team is good, then you don’t have too many confrontations with the rival’s wingers, and today I have to thank the work of Nahuel and Pedro [Sánchez]. Their profiles aren’t defensive, but helped me a lot, just like they did the other day. They were the most important thing in this game. Despite we came out with a big difference, a 5-2, Málaga is a great team. It was 50-50. Álex also made a great game and you notice him when he is close to you.”

Edu Expósito was also commenting the game, “We knew they were going to press hard, but we defended pretty well and tried to attack when we were able to. We have suffered, but always felt comfortable on the pitch.”

At Málaga CF, Víctor Sánchez del Amo was feeling sorry for the wasted chances throughout the game, "Inside the changing room we are sad, but our heads are high. When a team comes down from Primera, it’s very complicated to form a solid block and that's why this club has much merit. We have had very clear occasions. The posts of Ontiveros, Harper’s chance, the one of Blanco, a header of Adrián... Fortune has not accompanied us." The ex-Depor coach also aid that from now own he will be supporting Deportivo in the playoff, “After we were eliminated, Deportivo have in us one more fan.”



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