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25 Jun 2019
Martí showed his worst face as a coach just in the game when Deportivo were defining the season. It was a terrible planning and an inexistent reaction to change the course of a sinking ship.

The five notes from the game at RCD Mallorca:

1- Terrible planning: José Luis Martí destroyed in 90 minutes what he achieved in the previous three games. He sent a 4-4-2 that committed the same mistakes at the start of the first-leg, because it was a soft team at the moment of having the ball and incapable of hammering a rival that was risking. This time the Galicians didn’t find an expulsion or a goal to change the course.

To make things worse, the forced substitution just made things more complicated. The initial idea was to play with Nahuel and Pedro Sánchez brining aids in defence, but the first had to be replaced at minute 20. And the system was still a 4-4-2 with Carlos Fernández in attack and Borja Valle pulled into the left wing, and it never worked. The duo is attack was simply erratic, while Valle wasn’t providing aids to Saúl.

2- Inexistent reaction from the bench: The biggest mistake by Martí wasn’t the initial planning, but to not recognize that things were wrong, and he made the second substitution until minute 79, just when the score was already 2-0. He didn’t realize that Deportivo was a broken team, unable to hold on the ball and neither capable to create danger against a pair of side defenders that were risking a lot. The third change was simply a desperate move without any valid logic.

3- The rotations of the midfielders: The absence of Álex affected more of what was expected, because the coach was unable to use a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 system. Martí presumed that he learned the lesson of his past playoff experience and that it was the reason to make rotations in the playoffs, but that figure didn’t apply to the midfielders. Since a month ago he was only relying in Edu Expósito, Álex and the few minutes of Vicente Gómez. And now that he needed freshness at midfield, and perhaps a draw with more midfielders, Didier Moreno and Pedro Mosquera weren’t trusted and the coach opted in giving the starting role to Vicente Gómez, a man out of form that never marked the difference in this game.

4- Details: Despite that RCD Mallorca was much better than Depor in the second game, it’s possible to say that the tie was decided by details. From the penalty and expulsion of the first game, to the big chance wasted by Quique González before the third goal, without mentioning the last header of Pablo Mari at the last minute.

5- Tying the worst defeat on the season: This is the second 0-3 defeat for Deportivo on the season, the previous one was against Cádiz CF (December 22), and it represents the worst defeat on the campaign, just in the moment when Deportivo were deciding the promotion.



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