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25 Jun 2019
Sadness and little explanations given by the players, the coach, the president and the sporting director. Martí was saying that his team was better at the start of the game.

José Luis Martí addressed the media in a press room that was almost empty. He gave the impression of been close to cry and only talked for three minutes,  He started saying that, “It wasn’t what we expected, the result isn’t the one that we wanted, the one that the fans wanted and neither the one that the players deserved, and we are leaving without what we wanted.”

He denied the idea that the initial plan was wrong as Depor didn’t look fine since the kick-off, “That could be the final feeling, but the true is that we were the team that entered the best into the game. We had a possible penalty and a disallowed goal, and after the second goal it was when we suffered the most, but it wasn’t for the initial idea, but for the push of the rival.”

“We only had the clear idea that we needed to score a goal, we had that chance for Borja [Valle] in which he missed to connect the ball, then the possible penalty and the goal that was disallowed. I insist we started better than the rival.” He added.

The Majorcan also explained what Depor lasted so much in reacting, “The rival also plays, you are dominated and, as they are demanding things from you, the team starts to be too delayed. We had the ball, but didn’t create chances. I insist, there was a possible penalty at the start of the game and in the second half we had a chance for Quique and the header of Pablo [Mari].”

Finally, and as his contract rules out for not clinching the promotion, Marti didn’t want to answer what will happen with his role at Deportivo, “Right now, it’s the last game, because I don’t know what will happen from now own.”

Only two players talked to the media, one of them was Dani Giménez, "We had the tie at home and we didn’t kill it, the team has given everything, but they have been better, they deserved it, without a doubt, you try to handle the match like we did in Malaga and there was no way. We needed to have a better withdraw at midfield. Incredible... We practically made a shot on goal and we have been overcome. We failed for not been brave."

Eneko Bóveda was the other player that talked and he didn’t have words to explain what happened, “Unexpected for almost everyone. What am I going to say? now it sounds strange, but for next year, from the beginning to the top and to achieve the goal. One of the two teams was better, in the first leg we went ahead and in the second it was for them. Now to talk about tactics is something I cannot do, maybe don’t have ideas a clear idea right now. We have to go around and learn to be better. There is no other way.”

President Paco Zas talked to reporters, he thanked the fans and didn’t want to talk of the future, "The first thing I want to do is to thank the fans for these games that have made us believe that we could go back to Primera Division. It has been a very hard blow. We all hoped that today was a great day. But it could not be. The players have given everything, but it was useless. The situation is very difficult for everyone. Let's face it calmly, because now you cannot make hot decisions. We will have to analyze everything and make decisions in cold.”

“A month and a half ago we all thought that next season we would be in Segunda Division. If something has been achieved this month and a half has been to show that, with desire and enthusiasm, you can face everything. The fans have to be back with the team, because without the fans we are nothing. Thanks to the fans we lived wonderful days in Riazor. And that would have to be our basis for next year.”.

Sporting director Carmelo del Pozo also addressed the media and was feeling sorry for the fans, "The first thing is to feel sorry for all the people behind you supporting, that connection that had been achieved in recent weeks, we feel for them, because they are the ones who suffer the most, those who feel it most and we have been close to get something that’s tough at Segunda División. Details are what makes you win or lose a game, today we haven’t achieved what we needed and that's it, we have to try to advance and grow."

About the planning for next season, he just stated that, “Playing a playoff forces you to go against the clock in every way. It's good if you get the goal, but now it's bad because we don’t get it. We have to get up, we have already done it many times and things like that made us great. We have to be again. When we carry a badge like this, we have to do everything in order to be as higher as possible.” 




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