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28 Jun 2019
An improvement compared to last season, in general the keepers and centre-backs left a positive note. A veteran goalie that brought back he confidence and three centre-backs that put Depor as a solid defensive block.

The goalkeepers and centre-backs were the best thing of a team that missed the promotion at the last second, at least it’s the impression left as a block. It meant a big improvement compared to the disappointments of the previous campaign. The following is the analysis of the keepers and centre-backs that played for Depor on this season.

Dani Giménez -Rejuvenated- (4,050 minutes on the season). After a terrible season for the goalkeepers, this 36-year-old goalie arrived and brought back the confidence in the position. He was the only player that took part of all the league games and some of his saves were crucial to add points. He allowed 34 goals, the third lowest number in the league and also made 103 saves, the 9th best mark at Segunda. rating: 8.5

Adrián Ortolá – Enthusiastic- (0). He only played the 90 minutes in Copa against Real Zaragoza, too little to judge his performance, but his season will be remembered for his enthusiasm. The ex-Barcelona was one of the players that was more supportive with his teammates despite been unable to play, reason why he had a positive relation with the fans. rating: -

Domingos Duarte -Imperial- (3,839). The best centre-back on the season, the Portuguese was among the best centre-backs at Segunda during the campaign. Always secure in the mark and dominating in the aerial game. He was frequently the one moving the ball from the back and was the second player in the league with more passing attempts (2,344). He was also important in offense at the moment of searching the ball in set-pieces, reason why he scored four goals. Duarte was also the player with more yellow cards on the season (13). rating: 8.5

Pablo Mari -Solid- (3,263). The perfect partner for Domingos Duarte, another tall defender that dominated the aerial game and that was secure marking the rival. He was also important in offense defining the set-pieces; he scored twice and was close to score a goal that would have meant the promotion against RCD Mallorca. rating: 8.0

Michele Somma -Dutiful- (755) If Deportivo had the perfect couple at the centre of the defence with Duarte and Mari, then Somma was the perfect replacement. He was always there when any of the normal starters at the centre of the defence were unavailable, and the Italian fulfilled the job with a high note.  He was important in the playoffs when Martí suffered an inopportune injury that let him out of the tie with Málaga CF and the first-leg with RCD Mallorca. He was the player with the best passing ratio (86%). rating: 8.0

Iñigo López – Pointed- (19). Nobody understood why he was signed; he arrived during the winter window as a move of Carmelo del Pozo, who signed him despite having other bigger needs at other positions and despite already having two solid starters and a good replacement for the role. In the end Iñigo only played 19 minutes in the 1-2 win at CD Numancia (April 26). The worst part is that he ended suspended after been involved in a past match-fixing scandal at SD Huesca. rating: -





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