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29 Jun 2019
Carmelo Del Pozo talked to reporters and analyze the past season and what the fans should except for the new campaign.

Sporting director Carmelo Del Pozo addressed the media on Friday; it was a one-hour press conference in which he talked more of the future than of the past. He said that the club is talking to a coach, and also confirmed that Borja Galán is returning. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Valorization of the season: “The general feeling is the same one that we got with the end. Segunda has demonstrated how equal it is, for details you can be up or down. The major conclusion that you can make is the tie with Mallorca, we had moments of good football, in the first game, and also of bad football, which corresponds to the second game. “

The environment after failing in the promotion: "Sunday was tough, but tougher was the situation on Tuesday, because I had to talk to the players one by one, and you could see their faces. The level of commitment was high. There were players with offers from Primera that were just waiting to see what was happening on here as they wanted to stay. There was a player who said he had two nights with nightmares for a shot that didn’t go in."

The exit of Martí: “The first thing is to thank Marti. He came, worked, connected well with the people, with the team and the team competed well. The coach has been reflective, both parties spoke and we had to make a small change. The greatest success that we had is this connection between the stand and the team. Marti's decision is not for a result, it’s for a situation of context, it has to be of tranquility, support... this month we have achieved something that cost a lot and we cannot lose it by a decision. The first eight matchday of Osasuna were bad and they were calm to make a decision, if a club lives of impulses then it’s unstable, if we are able to achieve stability then you will be in the fight until the end."

The new coach: "Yesterday we contacted with a coach and we talked to him, I think it will be quick, if he takes the step, the advantage is that the squad is structured, I like to talk about players and that they say something, because it’s useless if later he doesn’t like the players that we have. When we spoke with Natxo we already knew that we didn’t have to sign wingers, I think this process will not be long and when we have it, he would tell us what he needs, so we put an order and we decide. We have only talked with one, there isn’t a trio, if he says no, then we will look for someone else."

The new team: “It's going to be a competitive team, we want to make a competitive team, an intense team, one that will give everything, it's going to be the profile of what you're looking for, you know what the modus operandi is when it comes to choosing the coach. We will talk to one, who is the ideal one, if we get him to believe in the project then we move forward, if he doesn’t choose that, then we will go for another one. It's feasible. Currently we have 20 players, evidently there will be movements. Some men have high wages and we need to make adjustments. We need to be prepared to cover any possible exit. The advantage that we have is that we have a spinal cord, we are confident in keeping this spinal cord and will reinforce it with players that are competitive and that bring hope and hunger to the people."

Salary cap: "The salary cap is marked by La Liga, many times we stay at how much it is, the important part of the salary cap is how much you have to make the team, the famous comment that Deportivo was the third salary cap in the league… we only used two third parts of last year cap at Deportivo, because the rest was used to cover pending payments of previous seasons. The club made a bet on Primera, which didn’t come out well, they have an impact on the previous year and this season. It marks it in some expenses, in that sense the club is spectacular in the rigor for the economic issue, in that aspect about that salary cap and about the possibilities for the configuration of the team. La Liga is fluctuating according to the number of incomes and expenses, but now it's quite low, just like last year was an advantage as, sometimes, it gives you a favorite role that the squad sometimes does not give you. If you make a summary of the headlines, how many players of Primera stayed in the team, it will go down a lot, a very important amount, but the important thing is to see the inside, which players can stay, which ones go out... and from there to build up the team, with 20 players you can work more than with the ones we had last year.”

Insurance for the demotion: “These are not exact terminologies. Each team according to their situation, by its income or management, has more or less amounts. In the first year you have more, in the second less and in the third there’s nothing. The important thing is that how you can spend the amount. If you have those repayments to do, it doesn’t matter. You have more money, but acquired commitments from past seasons. That's what it costs you to manage it. There are previous operations that had a very high cost. That money continues to fall. The problem is how much you have of the total. If you have 12 in the limit and the amortization is 6... then you don’t have 12, you have 6. The team this year was around 11.”

Players going out: "We are not going to release players just or the pleasure of doing it, people should feel calm, within the last month the team made people enjoy, there will be changes, there are players with salaries that we have to see how we can reorganize it. We need to have alternatives, if there is a player leaving then we need to have a replacement ready to come."

"Salaries that are not bearable; right now, in aspects of names, I have spoken with all of them, everyone knows their personal situation, they have to decide if they understand that they can be in Deportivo in this economic scenario, or value other options. I have spoken to them. I think it’s going to be feasible, the predisposition of them is very good, players that aren’t ours, they look for the formula to stay. They have felt important on here, they are happy, they have understood what the group was, the city, that this is very good, this is a market of supply and demand, we must be aware of how things arise."

Pablo Marí: "His situation is complicated, because he has one more year of contract at his club, it cannot be a loan, we are looking at options, right now he is just in the market."

Dani Giménez: “Dani Giménez has offers, but he has told me that he wants to stay"

Borja Galán: "Borja Galán has made merits to return to his club, in the coming days it will be fixed and it will be done, the idea is to bet on players from the academy that are growing, others at giant steps like Edu, other intermediate steps like Borja and other steps as big as Caballo, Borja Galán's return cost is zero for the club, there is a contract that can be reloaded without cost during some dates."

Carlos Fernández: "Carlos Fernandez's thing is terrible, he didn’t want to talk after the game, but the effort he made to be here, to stay, to give up to the U-21 team with the tournament they are doing, the implication is brutal, that guy has three things [offers] of Primera Division. Here, it was an important step for him to leave Seville, he was delighted with the welcome of people, colleagues, in the case of Carlos, we have to thank him for his commitment until yesterday when I spoke with him on the phone.”

Róber: "We have a very good personal relation with him, as you know I am the one that brought him to Levante, he suffered a knee ligaments injury in the last game, he is doing the first phase of recovery in Valencia, we talked and will have a meeting on next week. I have to make a decision, I love him, I want to see his sensations and make the decision."

Edu Expósito: “There was only one club that called us. There was no offer, nor negotiation. They have called us, and we told them that we would like to have him. He has it clear. He is very grateful to Deportivo, I know that last week another club spoke with him, and when he said he wanted to wait to see if Depor can achieve the promotion, then that club was upset. If a Primera team willing to assure him minutes doesn’t appear, then he will stay.”

Fede Cartabia: "There are Primera or Segunda contracts, Fede has a Segunda contract, the first year has it, that situation is what can analyze pros and cons, Fede is delighted to be here, his displeasure is great beyond the economic issue. He made an effort in order to stay, but logically it’s necessary to see how things are going and how this new economic situation can benefit him. If there are options, the player doesn’t leave for free. Economically and sentimentally we will go hand in hand. We will help him and he will help us, he has given everything, he has had personal difficulties, the last day he couldn’t play because he was punished [injured]... he has never gotten out of the way, he has never stopped trying, he has always sought to improve... I found a player much more involved than people could believe."

Íñigo López: "He ends his contract, he came trying to help for specific situations, he has found that personal situation, for the purposes of the day to day it has not affected, but it has been a situation that nobody expected and that turned to be complicated within the last month. His behavior with colleagues and coaches has been good.”

Juanfran: "He is a player at n the squad, he has offers and we will decide what’s best for both parties"

Pedro Mosquera: "I’ve spoken with Pedro, it has been a difficult year for him and difficult for us. It was a very clear bet for the club, an important contractual situation and it has not gone well. Both sides were hurt. You have to see a bit that the situation cannot be the same. You have to find a format to improve it. Let's see how we can move forward this week. I imagine that he didn’t like his situation and our bet has not come out either. Here there are players who, because of their contracts, have a fundamental role to play. What we talk about self-criticism. If at midfield there were three or four players with very high contracts and they have not gone well, both sides have to see what we can do."

Álex Bergantiños: “Alex had a very comfortable situation in Gijón, he decided to come to stay. He didn’t want to live what happened to him at other times in his club. He is happy, the situation is still normal.”

Nahuel: “In the beginning the profile of Matías Nahuel is covered by the return of Borja Galán."

Other players leaving: “Krohn-Dehli and Dubarbier are finishing their contracts, none has been offered to renew.”

Rolan “He has a contract, if there is a transfer or loan option, we will talk. The only thing on his head is to play at Primera División.”

Saúl García: "With Saul I spoke and I did it several times, but the economic proposals that he had were out of the market for Depor, even at Primera, the numbers that other clubs were offering couldn’t be paid by Depor. You have to get used to the fact that there are clubs with a lot of economic muscle and they can pay more."

Valerón: "I spoke with Valerón, his predisposition was good, we talked, logically he has an important personal situation, but we also have to see pros and cons, economic aspects... it hasn’t occurred at this moment, we will continue talking and we will see if later it can be. My idea is that there are ex-players that can return, some will enter and valid people who have been ex-players can give a plus.”

b>Manuel Pablo ends contract: “The idea with Manuel Pablo is that, if he is happy, he will continue at the club."

Carles Gil: "There was a player who asked us to go out, an important player who thought he had to have more participation, a player that the team bought, despite the relegation, and it cost money to buy it"

The priorities: "Today what we are doing is to realize that we are missing a left-back, we must study the subject of Francis and incorporate a goalkeeper if he goes out loaned, we need a winger, the rest is to have players in mind if there are market situations that can make you act, the idea is that, if there is any movement, the one that comes does it to replace that exit."

Short squad: "The idea is to have a shorter squad, of 22 players, a team that can be nurtured by Fabril and that 90% of Fabril's players are U-23. I believe in advancing the players' training stages. It was done with Valín during the second round. At Fabril, three are types of cases: players from the youth academy who come up, potentially interesting players from Galicia, outside players who can reach the first team in the medium term. The coach that arrives must believe in that type of players."

Self-criticism: "I had self-criticism in midfield, I had an inherited situation where I would like to do many things, but I couldn’t do it because I had little flexibility, we improved with the goalkeeper, improved I defense, in attack... at midfield there were very complicated contractual situations that we couldn’t improve, Borges was a misfortune, it would have helped us, and that complicated me a lot, and from there I am critical and demanding in that area, but you find yourself with situations in which little can be done. Can we make a turn? maybe yes, when you bring so many players, you cannot expect everyone to do well."

January market: “I think that, if we analyze the January market, which has been quite questioned by the public opinion... logically it could have been improved. But we must be clear about the economic issue. If you want to sign a great player you have to have money. It’s marked by two situations. The change of the coach's system and that invites you to make different incorporations. And another that there are players who ask to leave. There was a player who asked to leave [Carles Gil], an important player and who believed that he had to have more participation. When this player talks about the exit, you have to recover that investment, because it has a negative impact. We have to make a global analysis of what the player is and the economic repercussion. The only thing that I feel sad is that we had a closed player and that at 6 in the afternoon it could not be done because the other club understood that they had to turn back. The markets of January are a coin on the air. Osasuna and Granada didn’t modify their teams and achieved the promotion."

Gaku Shibasaki: "The commitment that Gaku showed has surprised me in a brutal way, now it’s difficult to manage that performance at an economic level, but the player has seen the tie against Mallorca."

Heavily criticized by the public: “On a personal level, the year has been very hard. For me the priority was personal, the year has been hard. A club with a demotion situation, internal disorder of what should be a team... there have been two electoral processes in a year. In 22 years, I have not lived this situation in my life. I have tried not to stop working, improve everything, there have been aspects of the sporting management that were improved, there was no database... now there are reports, structured follow-up... there are several things to organize.”

The goal of promotion: “People sometimes get excited to see names. The first signing was Dani and people said... buf, Dani. When Quique was signed, they said, buf, Quique. In the end, the commitment of the people who come is the first guideline to follow. People cannot put a bump on the commitment of players. They will have been more successful or less. There are no group objectives, the objectives are every Sunday. What we have is to go overcoming stages. Within the difficulty, you have to enjoy the path. If we only look at the end every week, we hit hard. You have to compete each game and give value to each point you get. What we cannot do is the famous accounts for the promotion. Compete each game and excite people.”

Pre-season: “The idea is to start mid-month, between the 11th and the 15th. The normal thing is to do the initial work in Abegondo, and this year much more. Maybe some specific trip, but everything is going to be done here.”



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