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29 Jun 2019
One of the weakest roles at the club; the side defenders continued to bring doubts as none of them had a convincing performance throughout the season.

The side defenders didn’t have a consistent performance throughout the year, reflected in the fact that there wasn’t a fixed started in the campaign. The following is the analysis of the side defenders that played for Depor on this season.

David Simón -Doubtful- (2,469 minutes on the season). The Canarian veteran arrived from UD Las Palmas surrounded by doubts, and by the end of the season those doubts were still there. He was the choice off Natxo González from the start of the season; Simón always showed a good level at the moment of joining the attacks, but had problems defending. Those problems were increased as the matchdays progressed and as the performance of the full team decreased. The Canarian lost his starting spot with the arrival of Martí, and his chances got complicated after suffering a muscle injury. His first game with the new coach was until the final matchday against Córdoba CF and only appeared twice in the playoffs.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Eneko Bóveda -Redeemed- (1,819). The Catalan player arrived for the winter window of last season and the fans had negative feelings with him, to the point of asking his exit for the new season. But he stayed and was the second choice of Natxo González for the right side and the third for the centre of the defence; actually he was a starter there for the first three games as Domingos Duarte arrived late. Later he was pulled into the bench. It was until the arrival of Martí that he gained a starting role at the right side and the true is that he had a more stable performance than David Simón. He ended the campaign making 23 appearances.
RCDLC.com rating: 7

Gerard Valentín -Gone- (25). Another wasted season for the Catalan defender. He was the third choice for the right side and the most common picture was to see him out of the rosters. He played in the Copa game against Real Zaragoza and his only opportunity in liga came for the visit to Rayo Majadahonda (December 2), in that match David Simón and Domingos Duarte were suspended, so Bóveda played as a centre-back and Valentín had the chance to perform on the right. Later he was loaned to CD Lugo, team where he had a solid performance.
RCDLC.com rating: -

Diego Caballo -Surprise- (1,982). It was the surprise of the year, because he was promoted from Fabril during the pre-season and no one expected that, including Carmelo del Pozo. But Natxo González liked his offensive skills and was the starting choice at the left side since the start. Later his performance started to decrease with the passage of the matchdays, a comment that could also be made about the entire team. The Salamanca-born player skipped five games after suffering a though injury against AD Alcorcón (September 22), later he also skipped other five games for tactical reasons. Caballo played the full 90 minutes of the 0-2 loss with Rayo Majadahonda (April 6), game that marked the exit of Natxo González, he was a starter in the next three games with Martí and later lost the spot with Saúl. In the playoffs he only performed for 12 minutes. It was a season with ups and down for him, but not bad taking in mind it was his debut in a first team. He was the second player with more crosses (129).
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Saúl García - misunderstood- (2,073). The Cantabrian defender returned to Deportivo after three seasons loaned out, and no one understood why he didn’t play more often taking in mind what he showed before and also what ne demonstrated on the campaign. He was the substitute for the left side at the start of the season, and Natxo González even kept him out of the rosters, though later he started to play in two different frames, in the first due the injury off Caballo, and later for tactical reasons. When Martí landed at Depor, Saúl was again sidelined to the bench, just to be pulled back for the last stretch. At times he seemed out of form and erratic, but despite playing less games than Caballo (24 Vs. 27), Saúl had more minutes and ended the campaign as the player with more crosses (136) and also provided 3 assists, mark only below Cartabia (9) an Edu Expósito (6).
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Sebastián Dubarbier -Outplaced- (0). The career of Argentine at Depor ended before it started. He was signed as the second choice for the left side at defence, but Carmelo del Pozo wasn’t expecting to see Natxo González promoting Diego Caballo from Fabril. So, he became the third choice and was frequently out of the rosters. A hamstring injury suffered during a training session just made things worse as he spent weeks on the sidelines. In the end he only played the full 90 minutes in the Copa game at Real Zaragoza and was only picked four times in the liga season without including the playoffs.
RCDLC.com rating: -




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