08 Jul 2019
Juanfran Moreno conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia; he admitted that his idea is to go out again and the right-back also talked of what happened during the year of the relegation.

Q: Will you be in A Coruna on July 15?
A: At the beginning, yes, as the Deportivo player that I continue to be, I have to be there. So, the normal thing is that I’ll be there.

Q: Has the club already been in contact with you?
A: Yes. They told me that I have to be there, like all the loanees and the others.

Q: Do you return to stay or to leave again?
A: I think it’s clear and evident that this was not a round trip. Surely I won’t continue at Deportivo.

Q: Why? By desire of the club or yours?
A: Well, last summer was common. The club had decided that it was the best not to continue, and I was also thinking of leaving.

Q: You always said you were very comfortable in A Coruña, you have a daughter born here, why then you left and now this almost impossible return?
A: A Coruña is an amazing place. Wonderful. My daughter is from Coruña. I spent four incredible years. But there is a before and after Fernando Vidal left the club. From there, the project begins to change. And then came the departure of Richard [Barral], someone very important also at the entity. At that time, the project is over. It was never the same. And it is normal that when a project is born, you have to start with new things. As much as I was excited, Fernando's departure was very important. Between that and Richard's departure, the project died.

Q: Why is Vidal's departure so decisive?
A: Fernando Vidal and Richard. I include them both in the same package. I think they were the same. Fundamental pieces in the project, in how the club was trying to get on track. It’s true that we didn’t manage to take off as we wanted, but we always achieved the permanence. Then came the relegation. And Carmelo appeared, with whom I have a good relationship. But he wanted something new. New stuff. And I didn’t enter into the plans anymore.

Q: It was said at the time that the changing room had to be cleaned.
A: There was a clear cleaning. All those who had a market in Primera went out. That’s the reality. All those who had good offers left. Carmelo wanted to do a project and those who had offers and could, left. The cleanliness comes from the fact that, many of the ones that were there with Fernando and Richard, left. Lucas, Andone, Çolak... All these players, in the end, had come with another sporting director and I think Carmelo did well acting like that. It is normal.

Q: The cleaning that was talked about was in terms of debugging a changing room that was said to be quite putrefied.
A: I'll tell you that I've been very happy inside Leganés’ changing room. Luisinho has done very well in Huesca, Sidnei also at Betis, as Schär, Andone, Lucas, Adrián... What are you saying is not like that. It was more the rumor than something else.

Q: Don't tell me you're oblivious to that comment.
A: In the beginning, when things went very well, it was meant that the changing room... I never agreed. I have disagreed with many things, with people talking about it. To those of us who left, we have done quite well, so I don’t think the changing room was rotten.

Q: And why do you think that was talked about so much?
A: Because it started to give importance to that and, in the end, it was looking like that. But I disagree. The best changing room that I met was the one of Depor during the relegation. It was the one that had better relation between the players. And nobody can say the opposite. In the sporting sense, things didn’t go well, but there were great people there. There were years in which there was not much talk and it turns out that there were a few conflicts, with records against the players... But it’s that, in addition, in this so good changing room there were people from the previous year, which continued. And yes, there was a great environment. They wanted to generate that feeling that those of us who left were rotten.

Q: What do you mean when you say there were comments that you didn’t like?
A: I saw situations of talking about the changing room of other years, which didn’t seem right to me. The team was going well and then, I think there was no need to remember the bad things. It didn’t seem right to me. But, in the end, time is wise and everything is known. Other years there weren’t those costumes that they wanted to see.

Q: After leaving, you faced a bad year , right?
A: Yes, it was a difficult year for me. The first part was very complicated. I suffered the loss of a family member. And that touched me a lot. Leganés knew it. In January, I considered an exit, because the personal situation wasn’t very good in Madrid, because of what had happened. We had an offer from the United States, but I stayed in the end . In the end, there was a large group, and a great group of fans, and I felt comfortable, despite what had happened. I wanted to go out on that issue and we even considered going back to Depor.

Q: Leganés considered to send you back?
A: I saw that it came out in the press, but it was never like that. It was just as I just told you. I neither asked to come nor Leganés wanted to return me. That's a lie.

Q: There you coincided with Rolan.
A: Yes. And I have a great relationship with him. He is a beautiful person. Always happy... In a sporting sense he didn’t have a good season. But I can only say that he is very good person and that he also showed football in Málaga and Girondins.

Q: Past, present... And your future? How do you see it?
A: Well, now we have a little time to value things. My family and I have to make an important decision that is whether to continue in Spain or go out.

Q: What if Depor surprise you and ask you to stay?
A: Man, then I would have to think about it. I could not rule it out like that. It would be very important to me. But I don’t think that situation will come.

Q: Did you lose money by going to Leganés?
A: Yes. I explain. I had a clause according to which I could be loaned to any Primera team for free, as long as Deportivo was in Segunda. We had a conversation with the club and neither my agent nor I wanted to take advantage of the situation. We give up some money. Moreover, I will tell you that now Depor are going to charge a plus for the permanence of Leganés that belonged to me, but I renounced to it.

Q: Are you really mentalized to start the 15th?
A: Yeah sure. It's like that and I will be there.



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