10 Jul 2019
Ex-Depor captain Fran was interviewed by Deporte Campeůn; he talked of what he expects from Depor in the new season and the problems to pull players from the academy.

Q: Are you excited about the new Deporís season?
A: I wouldnít know how to tell you, much less after the disappointment that we lived for missing the promotion. First, we all expected that it would have been a direct promotion; later, the team went through a difficult stretch; with the promotion playoff, we all got a boost, but the last match with Mallorca brought us back to the reality of the last days in liga. A new season begins and the most important thing, for me, itís the support of the fans that the players may have because, at times, there may be a lot of pressure on the team. For the good of the team, we must see Depor achieving the promotion, because I donít know what would happen with a third year at Segunda.

Q: What worries you the most about this new campaign?
A: In other seasons, the goal was achieved because the fundamental basis of the team were players who had performed before at Primera, while now the budget is going to be reduced a lot and the debt is still very important, so you need to be careful with what might happen in the future. We must be aware that we are Deportivo La CoruŮa and we have to return, by budget and by history, and that it wonít happen to us as it happened to other mythical Primera teams that havenít achieved the goal in the first year and have spent years and years at Segunda.

Q: Itís time to face two consecutive championships at Segunda for the first time in almost thirty years. Are we facing the most dangerous season?
A: Dangerous was already last year, because there was too much risk by not holding players who should be fundamental to get the promotion. This year, it was apparently spoken from within the club that it was a great Primera team, that a great effort had been made in players, and yet the season ended with two different coaches and with the president and his board resigning. That means that things havenít gone well and the reality has been very hard, because of the consequences that were suffered. You need to be careful of what can happen to us if we donít get the promotion this season, because the debt is what it is, and I donít know what consequences cane be suffered by spending more than two years at Segunda. Teams like Rayo, Huesca and Girona are going down, the newly relegated sides, and letís see what they do with the players. In addition, MŠlaga and CŠdiz will also seek promotion, so it wonít be easy.

Q: After seeing the picture left by the Riazor in the playoff, with a great environment, it would be key that the fans get hooked ahead of this new course.
A: For me, that was spectacular. It will be difficult to maintain that, but as long as those who were there can still cheering up the team, it will be fundamental, because the Riazor has to be a fortress. This last year, the base of Osasuna has been the performance at their field, what was wrapped around their people, thatís the key.

Q: Are you convinced with the signing of Juan Antonio Anquela?
A: This reminds me a little of last year and I think we have to give maximum support to the coach and the players to achieve the goal of promotion. There is a coach who, for me, is a mystery, because it isnít a question of knowing the league, but he has to be a good coach and period. Because last year, also the players and the coach knew the league and the promotion wasnít achieved. Let's see what players bring us now. The fact that you have to get promoted with players that know Segunda sounds very strange to me, because last year I also heard that you get promoted with players of the league, just when Depor achieved the goal in past seasons using players who came from Primera Division. What I have clear is that the best Segunda players end up playing at Primera. You have to build up a good team and trust that the coach is able to get the most out of the team.

Q: Many of the important players from last season, such as Carlos FernŠndez, Domingos Duarte and Pablo MarŪ, have left, and Depor can lose others like Cartabia or Edu Expůsito.
A: It is what it happens to other Segunda teams. In the end, itís normal for those who stand out to end at Primera. We are going to see the configuration of the squad, how low it will be, because it is still too early to talk about how this new Depor will be. At the moment, we only know that there will be a coach and little else. There are players who, despite having a contract, will have to go for the offers they receive or for having high wages.

Q: Do you consider positive that the team opens and closes the season at the Riazor?
A: Who cares, the games have to be played and the most important thing is to add the points that will give you the promotion. For me, the important thing is to add, build a solid team, to have a deep squad and those things must give you the promotion.

Q: With the horrible season starred by Fabril, Depor should continue to get players from the outside to strengthen the squad.
A: Thatís another difficult thing to understand, that with all the time that Abegondo has been running, the club continues to miss players from the youth team, when itís fundamental for the team today. Years pass and Depor is still unable to pulls kids from Abegondo. I donít know what may be happening, but itís something that should be analyzed in depth and give solution because, if at other clubs we see that there are players from the academy that are important in the first team, I donít know why here this isnít achieved.



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