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12 Jul 2019
The club decided to change the design of the first kit ahead of the season 2019/20. Now the stripes on the shirt are horizontal instead of the traditional vertical design.

The club unveiled on Thursday the design of the first kit for the season 2019/20. Itís a revolution as, for the first time in the history of the club, it isnít the traditional design with vertical Blanquiazul stripes. Instead the shirt has now four vertical stripes, plus a Blanquiazul design in the neck.

The design is controversial, because several fans didnít like the fact the club is changing the tradition of the shirt. The club argued that the change is made as a way to pay tribute to the flag of the club, which also has horizontal stripes, and also to homage the other sections in the history of the club, like cycling and  athletics that also have that uniform.



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