19 Jul 2019
Paco Zas conceded an interview to Sportpaper AS, the president of Deportivo talked of his first days at Plaza de Pontevedra and the financial situation of the Galician club.

Q: You already spent a month and a half as president. Does it seem like a sigh or a century?
A: The days have passed very quickly. Between arriving at the club, knowing this job, the playoff... We are almost landing.

Q: Do you regret it already?
A: No. It was always a great hope to become president. And for now, despite the work and being convulsive days after the playoff, I'm enjoying the role.

Q: Do you already assimilated what happened in Majorca?
A: It was an important blow. But athletes have to receive and get up immediately. There is no other way.

Q: Time to build up another project in Segunda. Is the goal still the promotion?
A: The objective is to defeat Oviedo, nothing more. We must make plans in liga for the short term and be regular. Nothing is going to be decided until the end.

Q: Your first decision was to not renew Martí. Why was Anquela chosen?
A: We asked Carmelo del Pozo for a profile, because we needed a coach who knew the league, with experience, character and without fear to use the academy. We will limit the spots to 21 or 22 players to promote the work of the academy. For me it was also important that Anquela, in almost all the teams he has been, spent more than a year.

Q: A Depor coach that lasts a year is an almost a miracle lately....
A: One of my virtues is patience. I know that in football the work is not seen in a day. You have to give time and confidence.

Q: Carmelo del Pozo spoke of great economic limitations...
A: I would like to explain that. When you go down, logically, there are bills to pay. The financial aid for the relegation exists for this reason. The work that has been done before is totally respectable, I don’t criticize it. You have to look forward, not backward.

Q: How much do you have to pay in repayments?
A: I will not go into details. We have some obligations, not pending invoices. If we want this to work, we must look forward.

Q: Let's look. Is there money to pay for a transfer?
A: Not right now. Maybe in a month, yes, but not now. We can sign players, of course, but not pay transfers.

Q: Will it be fixed when players start to go out?
A: There are wages that we cannot afford. When they are released, we will be able to undertake other types of operations.

Q: Are you expecting a second phase of the ambitious market?
A: It can, but it depends on the exits. There are four or five players with wages that we cannot afford. If it happens, maybe there’s that second phase in the process of building up the squad.

Q: What will be the budget?
A: I estimate around 16 million, but it will depend a lot on how it goes. The exits, plus sales, the socios...

And the salary cap?
It still complicated. You cannot tell a number now. We have to wait and see how everything develops.

Q: Was it vital to sell Quique and Edu Expósito?
A: Quique's thing is very clear. Eibar paid the clause. With Edu, we simply couldn’t afford another Róber Pier case, a player that joins another team for free and from which Deportivo hasn’t obtained any revenue. Depor could not afford it.

Q: What was about the Calasanz boy you wanted to keep?
A: Finally he went to Celta. It hurts me, but it happens to all clubs, Celta itself has suffered several cases. Hugo Novoa also left, with a stratospheric offer. Sadly football moves in numbers that we cannot reach.

Q: Are you targeting any number of subscribers as a challenge?
A: To keep the number of last year. It would be very nice to increase the number of socios.

Q: To increase the number would be to reach almost 25,000...
A: We had little more than 23,000, and reaching that number would be fantastic. If we manage to excite the fans with a competitive team ... We will try that, in this second phase, we can generate more enthusiasm with some signings.

Q: As a former player, what do you think of the new shirt?
A: The first time I saw it I was also quite surprised, but I like it. Any player of Depor, if he wears the colors white and blue, will you go out like a motorbike to the field.

Q: How do you carry the criticism?
A: I face it knowing that it must exist. You have to accept it, study some complaints and dispense the negative things.

Q: Do you perceive tension?
A: The true is, no. I am very calm and when you are stopped by the street, people encourage you. It’s that only a month and a half has passed, it would be absurd to now measure the criticism or acceptance.

Q: Do you have social networks?
A: I do not have Twitter, neither Instagram nor Facebook. If one engages in networks, you don’t have time to live or to face things objectively.

Q: What do you think of the complaint that Loira has made?
A: Deportivo has requested a legal report from its advisers. That report remains for the club and the board. It is a report that reassures us. Surely there are no irregularities.

Q: People have left the club like Martín Acero or Devesa. Are there more exits?
A: Sadly the situation forces to reorganize in many positions. We need to look for maximum operability with the least possible people. All those who have left deserve my respect and affection. There are people who worked for many years. I think there are few more exits left.

Q: When will the Abegondo organizational chart be known?
A: I hope that in a short space of time the organization chart will be announced, it is set at 90%.

Q: One last thing. What do you think when you hear that it is Tino who still commanding the club?
A: (Laughter ...) I've always said that, logically, we make our own decisions. There's no more.



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