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20 Jul 2019
First press conference of Anquela, the newest coach of Depor gave his first impressions after one week in the pre-season.

Juan Antonio Anquela talked to reporters after Friday’s first training session. He is content with what he has saw and praised the level of the academy players training with him. The following is a summary of the things he said.

First week in the pre-season: “It’s easy, because during the pre-season everything is easy for the coach, everybody is willing and has a positive attitude. There are no games and when the dance begins then we will valorize everything. I believe we will be prepared for that moment.”

The signings: “The people that came here… we are pending to see some of them arriving, but the ones that are already here are fine. The only problem that we have is that there are people waiting to decide if they leave or stay, it’s the only problem, but that people are working at the top and it isn’t noticed.”

Positions to be reinforced? “No, right now, if we will remain with the people that’s here, the team is compensated. I said the other day that one will go out and another will come, and we remain in the same situation. I see a good team, but it doesn’t depend on me about who can stay.”

Is Pedro Mosquera leaving?: “I see him integrated, but it doesn’t depend on me. I will like to count with the best, his profile is there, but another thing is that he could leave. I can only push to see him working, just like he would play on Sunday.”

Number of players to have a good performance: “You don’t win a league with 15 or 16, neither with 18, you need more. You need to use all of them.”

Do you expect to have a different squad by the start of the season? “It’s an interesting question and I would love to know the answer. We have a problem and it’s that the market is not closed when the league starts, I believe is closed fifteen days late and those fifteen days are horrendous. The tournament starts and you don’t get back the points that are lost.”

 Intense style during the trainings: “You come to see me the first day and the last one and you get the picture. I have a problem and it’s that I don’t sell stories. I love to play football, but what I like the most is to win. If you cannot do in one way, then you must do it otherwise. I like one thing, but football is like life itself, it always puts you in your place. If I don’t have the best football, then I need to adapt. My teams always had an identity.”

Longo and Koné: “They tell me about names of good players and there’s nothing more to do. I can only try to get the best performance from them.”

Gerard Valentín: “These are issues for the sporting direction. I can only tell you that I count with all of them for today’s training and tomorrow’s session.”

The academy players: “I was surprised with their level, they have a high level for what I request. I believe we might have a surprise. I am not afraid of putting a lad if it’s necessary, if he earns the chance. They made interesting things.“



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