31 Jul 2019
The coach of Depor Ladies, Manu Sánchez, gave an interview to La Voz de Galicia. He talked of the preparations as the team is close to debut at Primera División.

Q: Are you happy with the squad?
A: Clearly. We believe in the block that has brought us here. It was important to keep it, because we believe in them and because they give us an identity. They feel the Blanquiazul shirt and that’s an added value for a complicated year like this.

Q: What would you need to close it?
A: Something else for the centre of the field could be very useful. But, if we don’t succeed, we will pull the girls from the B team, with whom we are very happy.

Q: And Athenea del Castillo?
A: She is an interesting player that falls within the profile we want of young players, with an international career. It would fit well.

Q: Are you aware that you are already at Primera Division and how hard is this league?
A: We, the coaching staff and the club, are aware of what lies ahead. The players will realize as the weeks go by, because we aren’t interested in pressing them from minute 1. It will be an important change for them and little by little they have to assimilate the reality.

Q: You are pointed as the Cinderella of the League.
A: The theory says that, because from the bets to go down you have to rule out the other newly promoted team, the Real Madrid Tacón, because judging by the incorporations they are making, it seems to be major words. They point us as the Cinderella, but the field puts each one in its place and we will see who we really are.

Q: What else does that pool say?
A: That there are two teams above the rest, Atlético and Barça, and then others that come closer and closer by means and history, such as Athletic Bilbao, Valencia or Granadilla Tenerife, with whom we will play the Teresa Herrera. Then, there is a large block of consolidated teams... And in the end there is a last car, where we will be newcomers and those with less means, which is where we are supposed to be fighting.

Q: Is it true that it has done much damage to the female team the fact that the male team didn’t clinch the promotion to Primera?
A: It’s clear that it has caused a restructuring in all areas of the club and, among them, women's football. Maybe with Depor at Primera we all could have better conditions, but we will fight with what we have.

Q: Depor cannot reach the wages of Primera players.
A: Let's see, the economic reality of the club is what it is, everyone knows it, and it limits us. But, in addition, other factors influence, such the fact that we are debutants in the league and our project, admired by many, is unknown to the players, who in the end opt for the consolidated teams in the league. But, well, this is something that has always happened to us, since the creation of the team in 2016, and over time we show that the bases are good. Now we must do the same at Primera, and surely in future years things will be easier at the market.

Q: Would it be a failure to be relegated?
A: I don't contemplate it. We are very excited and it would be very important to stay. I understand that people are aware of the difficulty of debuting in a league like this, with our reality, which is what it is, so I don't think it could be called a failure. But we are going to think positively and that we are going to clinch the salvation.

Q: The novelty of this season is that you are going to play some games at the Riazor.
A: And we consider it as something positive, because it’s always a plus for the players. We have been playing the Teresa Herrera at the Riazor from the beginning. It will not catch us by surprise and the club, by agreeing with us, will simply have to choose the most suitable dates to play those games and make them a party and a communion with Deportivismo.

Q: Have the conditions of the women's team improved after the promotion or has everything stopped due to economic circumstances?
A: We are still taking steps forward. We always made new ones. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. Some who look more, others less... But, for example, this season the entire squad will be professional. That’s very important. Then there are other details that people don’t see, such as advancing training schedules and other things that help a lot.

Q: And what is missing to continue growing?
A: Stabilize the project at Primera, if possible this first year, so that the B squad also has peace of mind to work and in the immediate future try to promote it to the Second Pro Division [currently just promoted to Primera National]. That would give us the best possible sporting structure to work with young Galician values.



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