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07 Aug 2019
The most recent signing of Deportivo, Luis Ruiz, was presented on Tuesday. The left-back said that he had to wait in order to sign for the Galician club, but that it was the best option for his career.

Luis Ruiz was presented on Tuesday after the first training session in the day; he was explaining his arrival to Depor and why he chose this option, “I want to thank the club, Carmelo and the president for this opportunity. It’s a good opportunity for me. I had many options, but when Carmelo phoned me, I didn’t think twice and risked in order to be here.”

“It was a risk because it was a matter of waiting and I did it. It was the best option. Other clubs from the top of the standings were interested, but Deportivo was the best. I was told in July about the interest and I want to be in a club like this. I am hunger and like to give my best.” He added.

The left-back explained that a continuity at the club for a second year would depend in the number of games that he plays, but he didn’t mention how many games, “Yes, it’s a matter of games. I will try to play the highest number in order to continue here.”

Later he was describing himself as a player, “I am a side defender that likes to attack, but I consider that I am also responsible in defence. I am intense and like to be well placed on the field.” He also clarified his physical state, “I was stopped for a week, but I was working with a physical trainer. Logically, I am not at the same level of my partners, but I don’t think I am too far from them.”

Finally, Luis Ruiz knows that Depor targets the promotion, but says that the team must face the challenge going game by game, “I am starting to know the team-mates, but I know there’s quality on here. We have good players and we all know the goal, but we need to go step by step. Other teams have suffered a blow, and you need to go step by step.” 




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