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12 Aug 2019
Positive pre-season for Deportivo, Anquela succeed in finding a team and a style in a short period of time. The pending subject is to find a centre forward that can score goals and the appearance of some Fabril’s players brought new hope.

The pre-season of Deportivo ended on Saturday with the final whistle in the Teresa Herrera. After four weeks of training sessions and seven friendly games (five wins and two draws) there five conclusions that can be extracted from the pre-season stage.

1- Success in a short pre-season: The length of the Segunda tournament, plus the fact that Depor extended their previous season in two weeks for taking part of the playoffs, created a unique scenario in which the new coach only had four weeks to prepare the new campaign. For this reason it was decided to make double shifts at the training camp, at times with the players spending 12 hours at Abegondo, and it was also decided to play all the friendly games in near places. And it can be said that it was a success, because the coach emerges with a starting eleven to debut in the new league campaign and with a base that already reached a physical level that’s more than acceptable.

2- “Undefined” style with Anquela: New boss Juan Antonio Anquela has refused to explain his playing style during the press conferences, but on the pitch it is clear the idea that he wants to transmit to the players. It’s a 4-1-4-1 draw (he likes to call it 4-3-3) that tries to have the ball and complete secure transitions defence-attack. It still to be seen how this scheme will work facing teams putting a high pressure, but the important thing is that the coach already has a style as the competition is already knocking at the door.

3- New spinal cord: The biggest fear is that Depor were going to start from scratch after failing to achieve the promotion on last season. There was a new coach and the key players were going to leave the club, and it was like that after Domingos Duarte, Pablo Mari, Edu Expósito, Carlos Fernández and Quique Fernández left Deportivo, five players that composed the spinal cord of the team.

And Anquela found a new spinal cord in only four weeks. Lampropoulos and Somma are now playing at the centre of the defence, with an acceptable performance, but with the pending issue of seeing how they behave under extreme situations with a rival pressing harder. The interesting part comes in the transition defence-attack, Álex and Gaku Shibasaki are now rotating the role of been the responsible player in the output of the ball, while the team is now ready to use the wings with the presence of Koné, Aketxe and Borja Galán, this creates new interesting scenarios in attack that weren’t seen on the previous campaign. The only pending matter is how the team is going to cover the skills of Carlos Fernández and the number of goals scored by Quique.

4- Problems in attack: Precisely, the pre-season left the impression that the position that remains to be covered properly is the centre of the attack. Diego Rolán has skipped the full stage and seems at the door out, this leaves Christian Santos and Borja Valle as the only players that can act at the centre of the attack and both haven’t been convincing enough with his performances. Santos skipped a full week due to injury reasons and didn’t have a starring role in the friendly games, while Valle was more noticed in the games, but lacked aim. The best example was the game with SD Ponferradina, Valle scored the winning goal, but missed too many clear opportunities.

5- Good raw material at Fabril: It was one of the pre-season stages with the biggest participation of Fabril’s players, and the best part is that it was clear that there are players at Fabril ready to make the jump. Surely there are lads like Jorge Valín and Martí Vilà that are progressing, but that need time competing with the B team, but at the same time it was seen that there four lads ready to make the jump.

These players are Mujaid, Iago Gandoy, David Sanchez and Javi Sánchez. Mujaid is the centre-back that Seedorf tried to promote during his stage at the club, and he is ready to put his career back on track after been punished for disciplinary reasons. Gandoy was one of the few good news of Fabril ln last season and that has demonstrated to have skills to administrate the output of the ball, while David Sanchez and Javi Sánchez are new additions that impressed with his skills in attack. Anquela has said that he won’t doubt in giving opportunities to the lads, and only times will tell if the coach will fulfil his words.



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