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20 Aug 2019
The coach and the players were happy for the result and for the reaction of Depor; Anquela also warned that this is just an example of what lies ahead on the season.

Juan Antonio Anquela was valorizing the game, “It was a competed game, we already knew that we were going to meet a team like this; a rival that, when it seemed we could sentence, started to attack, they tied and, when we were with the rope around our neck, we were lucky to get the third goal. It was very important for us to start the season adding.”

Then the Andalusian coach talked about what he liked and why he didn’t like of his team, “We lacked freshness and calm at the last meters, we lost good opportunities for been too hurried. And what I liked the most is that we were there until the end. This is Segunda División and whoever doesn’t wasn’t to understand it, then they are lost. If you think you are going to win a Segunda game easily, then you are wrong.”

He didn’t want to talk of individual performances, but praised the effort done collectively, “I liked that we were a very serious team in the first part. We were doing things and only missed the last pass, but nevertheless… there were a lot of things in the game. When things were easier, then the game turned to be as more complicated, and when it was tougher, we found the way to get something.”

The coach was also explaining why he doubted with the changes, “Galán was going out, but then we noticed that Koné had problems, and the first goal arrived when we were going to make the first change. We were searching for solutions and we are a new team, we need to keep progressing.”

Finally, Anquela talked of the VAR, “I agree with fact that we must be progressing, it helps and today it was favourable. Other days it will be different and we can only respect the decisions. You will have to celebrate the goals twice.”

Borja Valle was content with the effort done by Depor, “It was a good start, because you start winning, also because you have automatisms and an identity. We did it right and in the end it is the goal. It was a complicate game, because when you allow those goals you start to feel too little, but in the end the magic of football is this. The 3-2 arrives and you leave content.”

“This is a new phase, the goal is to create automatism and an identity. Everything is positive if you start winning against a strong Oviedo, you are strong enough and you get the idea that Segunda División is complicated.” The striker added.

Mamadou Koné was content for scoring his first goal, “I am really happy for scoring my first goal with Deportivo La Coruña, it was in the first game and it brings courage for the rest of the season. We made a good pre-season and in the first half we felt a little asphyxiated but were feeling better later.”

The Ivorian admitted that the team was feeling tired in the second half, “We were tired at the end and the entry of Christian brought more strength, we are happy with his great goal. It was hard and it was more a physical aspect.”

On Monday, Ager Aketxe admitted he had problems to adapt during the game, “I am happy with how everything is going and how my teammates are helping me. Also, because we started well. It was hard for me to come into play in the first part, in the second I felt a little better. From less to more.”

About the game, the Basque commented that, “When we were better, they hit us and that hurt us. We didn’t expect it and they grow. Christian rescued us with a great goal, and we must be happy to start with three points. In the end you are 2-0, you get 2-1 and the nervousness of the tie appears, but the team overcame well.”

At Real Oviedo, Sergio Egea was feeling sad with the result, but happy with the reaction of his team, “We came to a difficult field and I think we competed well. The lads did well, but football are goals. The difference is right there. In game and occasions, we are sad for the result, but it’s the line to follow: a compact, intense team that plays like today.”

“This game is about mistakes and successes. There are things to correct, it is the first game. We will improve and this has just begun. We wanted to give the fans a great joy. We came back from a 2-0, but we had chances to get something else.” He added. 




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