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22 Aug 2019
Carmelo Del Pozo explained the status of the market. Despite the rumors, the exit of Rolán isn’t imminent and the exit of Róber is in the same point.

Sporting director Carmelo del Pozo addressed the media after Longo was presented. He analyzed the situation of Deportivo with two weeks remaining for the closure of the market. He said that the exit of Rolán is not close as there aren’t good offers, while he is expecting to complete the deal for Róber. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Rolan: “Right now the situation of the team is structured, if there’s a chance of an exit in which the benefit is great, then we will try to cover the departure with an arrival .It’s true that his economic situation leads us to search for a departure, and we will study if the situation is perfect for his exit, and let’s see if the rumor can work out. But right now the chances aren’t fulfilling our expectations. Depending of the financial numbers of Rolán, one or two more players can arrive”

Is Depor negotiation with Valencia for Salva Ruiz? “We have two left-backs, no one will come if no one leaves, unless the coach tells me that he want one as a left winger, but there’s nothing. We have 20 players at the squad and we are fine. We also have players at Fabril that have made a step forward.”

Is Depor interested in sending Caballo out?“He is a good player and broke his nose the other day, from that point of view that’s what we want from our players.”

Is Depor putting a deadline to make signings or negotiating exits? “As the end is approaching, there’s a difficulty, because you need to replace an exit, so as the market is reaching the end the chance of an exit is reduced, it is logical.”

Is Christian Santos leaving? “I believe our idea is to have three players for the attack, we also have players that can play at other positions that can do it there like Borja Valle or Diego [Rolán]. But the idea is to have Koné, Christian and Samuele. Every player will have a chance to play, there isn’t anyone that’s a fixed starter. Samuel adds mobility and Koné adds the same. I believe we are well covered”

Róber: “The exit of Róber is on its way, I believe it will be closed.”

Will Depor sign a replacement for Róber? “We have Somma, Lampropoulos, Peru [Nolaskoain], who can play there or at midfield, Eneko [Bóveda] too, then Mujaid and Bourdal, who has made a great pre-season. We believe the position is well covered. Evidently if there’s an exit we can have an arrival, but the exit of Róber is independent of our current configuration. The idea is to have two players per position. But if the market allows us to make a signing, then we can do it. But if no one leaves then we won’t do anything more.”

Movements during the last days of the market: “There are positions that we have to see if an exit can bring an economic benefit, which will mean an advantage. The club is making an important effort. The three teams that didn’t clinch the promotion had to make a brutal adjustment, the whole club. It’s a difficult scenario and we must thank the effort to not have the problems of other clubs.”

Current composition of the team: “We can say that the team has almost two players per position. We have to right-backs, three centre-backs and multifunctional players that can play there, we have to left-backs, we have three centre midfielders and Peru can play there, we have two right wingers as Borja Galán and Pedro [Sánchez] can play there, Aketxe can also perform on the right. Aketxe can play as a playmaker, also Galán or Borja Valle. Two of them can also perform on the left and we have three centre forwards, plus the players from Fabril, two good centre-backs, a good right-back like Valín, also a good midfielder.”



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