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22 Aug 2019
Samuele Longo was presented on Wednesday; the Italian striker explained how Depor have chased his signing since last year. He also said that he has earned experience and that wants to settle at the Galician team.

Striker Samuele Longo was presented on Wednesday, he was explained how Depor chased his signing since last year, “I want to thank both clubs and also my agents, because they allowed me to be here. It was simple, last year there was interest, but I was a big head as I wanted to be at Primera. In the winter the option also came out, but it wasn’t possible. Now the chance also came out during the summer and I told my agent that it was the only thing that I wanted. Luckily it worked out.”

“I want to improve, maybe my best year was at Girona, but at Tenerife I was also fine, though I got injured and had to wait. If came late it was because Inter didn’t have strikers, it was a matter of the clubs, there wasn’t any doubt and it was longer than I expected. But I told my agents that Depor was my only option if I would come to Segunda.” He added.

Then the Italian attacker said that he has earned experience after so many loans and that it should help him at Deportivo, “I had many experiences and by changing club each year, you end having experiences and like and dislike many things. I have growth after been here seven years ago. I matured since been at Espanyol. Before I was anxious if I didn’t play in a game. Now I have matured and will demonstrate it on the pitch. I will fight for the ball in every opportunity.”

“I have spent some years saying that I want more possibilities, and for that I need the step of having more minutes. I am enchanted to be here and luckily, I could stay. I offer commitment and try to do what the coach ask from us. I will do my part to make a good year, goals are asked to the strikers and I hope to score many and that I can help the team.” He added.

Finally, Longo said he is happy with the competition inside the squad after Christian Santos scored the winning goal against Oviedo, “We are partners, if a teammate scores goals it is great. I was already happy to arrive and to have the chance to play in the first game. I want to get used to the field, and I am happy because I believe we have a good team.” 




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