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27 Aug 2019
A team without a plan and without a defence suffered the first defeat on the season. Gaku continues to have problems with his position, while Koné and Santos were the only good news.

The five notes from the game at SD Huesca:

1- Without a plan, without a reaction: Nothing, absolutely nothing. That’s what Deportivo showed at El Alcoraz. It gave the impression that the team never had a clear plan of how to play the game and later there wasn’t any correction until the score was 3-0. Since the kick-off the side defenders suffered a lot against Raba and David Ferreiro, they barely received aids from the midfielders and the team ended broke in two pieces as there wasn’t any connection with the attackers.

And Anquela never ordered corrective measures, not even at half-time with the score 2-0. It was a déjà vu to what was lived in the playoffs with Martí, because the new coach only made changes with the 3-0 on the scoresheet. Then there was a small reaction, though it was more for the relaxation of the rival and the hunger of Christian Santos.

2- Terrible defence: Definitely the defence has made a step backwards compared to last season, because the team has allowed five goals in two games and the major part of them came after big errors at the back. Luis Ruiz debuted and left the impression of not been a professional player, while Lampropoulos and Somma are far away of matching the level of Pablo Mari and Domingos Duarte. The couple was continuously misplaced and therefore allowed big lagoons that were seized by the rival. And Bóveda continued having problems when he faces skillful players in one-on-one actions. Depor didn’t allow more goals just for the saves of Dani Giménez and the aid of the woodwork.

3- The same problem with the position of Gaku: Once again Gaku Shibasaki was out of place in the game, like it happened to Edu Expósito in the past season, the Japanese player constantly had to join the centre-backs in order to get the ball, and from there it is impossible to connect with the attacking line; actually it was him who was helping Luis Ruiz in the play of the first goal. Once again Álex wasn’t fulfilling this task, because it is the Galician who should be going down and later Gaku should be making the passes at midfield.

4- Punctual moments that changed the outcome: Despite the superiority of SD Huesca, the true is that there were a couple of minutes in which a punctual play and its response changed the outcome of the meeting. At minute 22, Aketxe released a lateral free-kick and Koné had a disallowed goal due to an offside, three minutes later Eugeni was scoring for the locals, so the game passed from a 0-1 situation into a 1-0 scenario. And the same happened in the stoppage time, Gaku could have scored the equalizer after a corner-kick, but his shot was blocked, and in the next play SD Huesca scored the 2-0. Two key moments that changed the outcome.

5- The only good news: Koné and Christian Santos: The only positive reading from the game was to confirm the level of Koné and the scoring streak of Christian Santos. The Ivorian was the only player that created something in the first part, always finding the cracks at the local defence with his speed, and the Venezuelan scored for the second time in a row after coming out from the bench, and again he entered at minute 55. So, Santos has scored twice in only 70 minutes on the pitch.



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