29 Aug 2019
Fabrilís coach Luisito conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia; he has high hopes with the players from the B squad and aspires to see them playing with the first team during this season.

Q: What feelings do you have after the debut in league?
A: Good. Santa MariŮa is a complicated field, itís an artificial grass pitch, where few teams won last season; and Choco is a good team, very well trained. It was a shame not to pass from the 0-0, because in the first part we had two very clear chances. But we all know, the club too, that there are lads who didn't complete two training sessions with me throughout the pre-season. And thatís a handicap of which I am super happy and super proud, because the more players go with the first team, the better, it is what it is. But of course, although the attitude is very good, the lads suffer when they come back and have a bad time because they havenít assimilated the system.

Q: It calls the attention the great defensive solvency they are showing.
A: The lads who have been with me since the beginning of the pre-season have very well assimilated the concepts, both defensive and offensive. Mujaid and Gandoy too, because they know it from last season, but the others, the new ones, are having a little bad time. Itís logical. So, with work, and with time, I am sure that the team will perform much better. We must always be better than the previous week.

Q: Theory says that B teams always go from less to more.
A: Especially this one, which is super young. They all are U-23 players except Villares, and they can get on and off the first team. I tell you. They have a great opportunity, they should be aware, that Deportivo donít have a very wide first squad. But those who are going with the first team and come down, have to be the best with me. And those who come to Fabril and then go down, have to be the references of the Juvenile team. Itís a chain in which the big beneficiary is the club. And in that aspect, I perceive that the lads have a large hope.

Q: The most difficult thing will be for players to keep their feet on the ground when they climb and then have to return to the B team.
A: Yes, itís true. But in that sense, I am clear with the lads to see reality. I try to advise them as if they were my children. Football is a slide. Today they are up and tomorrow down. So, they need to have a very cold head, knowing that you are still belonging to the B squad even if you are picked by the first team. And in order to stay there, you have to continue for a long time at a very high level. But I try to instill in them that they are privileged to be in a club as big as Deportivo and that, by not having a very large squad, they have a unique opportunity to be professionals. That has to do a lot. I am sure there are players who will make that step forward and squeeze those at the first team.

Q: Are there?
A: I am convinced that yes. There are players with great enthusiasm, because they know they have a unique opportunity. If the first team had 25 players I would know that it would be impossible to look at them. It isnít the case. From Fabril there are 5 or 6 lads who train each week with the first team. And I am delighted. Let them kill themselves for staying. I am convinced that there will be players that will surprise many people.

Q: With the injuries of the first team, it is likely that you will lose some defenders for the next match against Ourense CF.
A: That's where we are also having problems... But nothing happens. If it happens, I'll pull from the Juveniles team. The first thing is the first team and I already told Anquela many times. If you take many of the B team, then I will be the happiest man in the world. Thatís what I want; that the boys kill themselves working at the B team to be able to go with the first team. So I hope I have to pull juveniles against Ourense CF.

Q: Is the goal the promotion?
A: Nobody from the club told me about that, but they don't need to do it either. The biggest challenges I put it on myself. The most important thing is that the players are better every day. But to form isnít an obstacle to compete. The main objective is to ensure that there is the greatest number of players with the first team and then it will be the League that puts us at our place. If it is enough to get into the playoff and be promoted, the better. But we must not go beyond Ourense CF and be better every week.

Q: The calendar is hard for you in the first days.
A: Yes, obviously... That's an enemy... But we don't care. The players have to adapt as quickly as possible. I already warned them that this Tercera is very competitive, with high level players, with difficult fields where everything is equalized... Iím sure that the team will go further, that people will enjoy, that it will be a team of hope.

Q: Closed squad?
A: That corresponds to Carmelo and Ńngel Becerra. Some player may come, but it isnít for me to say so. With what I have, I am delighted.

Q: If you climb with Fabril, it would be your fourth promotion with four different teams.
A: It would be good. I would be happy for the lads and for the club. But I'm 53 years old and I only believe in work. Thinking about that in August... Talking is easy.

Q: This season you will face your son Borja, from Estradense.
A: It will be complicated. More for me than for him, because I will have to explain to my players what he is like and how he plays. I die for him, but in the field I don't let anyone win. And he knows it.

Q: How do you see the idea that the club has to manage ElviŮa in order to play in A CoruŮa?
A: I can't get in there. I am a worker. An employee. But it seems perfect and for me, the better, if that way the team will be more supported. And if in the end the field is natural grass, the better.




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