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02 Sep 2019
Depor’s coach defended his team saying that it deserved a better result, but at the same time he and the players admitted the defensive problems.

Juan Antonio Anquela was under fire after losing his second game in three matchdays, but he defended the teams saying that Depor deserved more, “The result is tremendously unfair. Without making a good game at all, in some phases we have been in, doing things with the head, but we have missed to score the equalizer. It wasn’t possible. But you have to be calm, get up and help each other. We have been soft, weak at the areas, but we have had chances to tie the game.”

He is conscious of the defensive problems at the team, “We have improved the performance with respect to the previous Sunday, but football is decided at the areas. No need to review it again. And it's not just the defense. You have to keep working and insisting, because you can't win any match if you allow three goals. Six goals in two away games. Maybe you can draw, but never to win it... And here nobody can go out without assuming their responsibility; it is not just a matter of the defence. We need to be stronger at specific moments. Everyone sees that.”

“We claimed the lead and haven’t been able to manage the advantage. They equalized and we must see how they scored the goal. A straight shot in a corner-kick. Just like that. We must fix these deficits. In the second goal we were very soft.” The Andalusian coach added.

Anquela said that the team need calm despite the poor start, “When a team is depressed you have to reach the heart of the player through the head. You need to calm down, talk calmly and say the things we have done well. We have improved. Ours is a complicated issue, the badge we carry is very large and you have to know how to play with it. Everything is magnified and people have the right to be worried, because we are giving reasons to be worried.”

Asked about what happened with Longo, he explained that, “In the warm up he had a problem in the adductor, we didn’t want to put [Christian] Santos, because he isn’t fit yet to play a full game, that’s why Borja [Galán] started.” Finally, Anquela was asked if Depor remain to be a candidate to promotion, “My goal is to build a team.” He answered.

Ager Aketxe scored the goal for Depor and was admitting the defensive problems, “I believe we started well, but we are fragile, and when you aren’t solid, then you end up paying the price. This is long and we must continue working.”

Borja Galán also talked of the defensive problems, “We know that we are leaking too many goals, but it isn’t a problem of the defence, but of the team’s structure. We have time to fix it. We are conscious of the badge that we are wearing. We are willing to play again at home and clear the ghosts.”

At Rayo Vallecano, Paco Jémez was analyzing the game, "Today Rayo have done an important thing: to overcome a game against a complicated team. We have lacked form in the second part to continue with that lucidity, but we must understand that we had a very good opponent in front of us. In the second part, Deportivo pressed a lot, but also because we have taken a step back, although in the end it happened what in football happens when you deserve to win.”



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