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04 Sep 2019
The sporting director addressed the media and analyzed the situation of the team ahead of the league season. He explained the exit of Caballo and why the club made five signings on deadline day.

Carmelo del Pozo addressed the media on Tuesday and valorized the summer market of Deportivo; he accepted that the exit of Rolán was conditioning the last moves and it’s the main reason why the club signed five players on deadline day.  He also explained some of the moves and defended the decision of releasing Diego Caballo. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Valorizing the summer market: "It was a complicate market for all, but we succeeded after all. The problems since the end of last season were big, especially for the deadlines, and also the end to our liga. One day later the president, the director and I were planning next season. We created a viability plan and it was clear that it was a complicate market. We are satisfied for how things went."

The initial speech of keeping the spinal cord: "The first goal was to create a viability plan, and that plan was based in adjusting the budget. We needed to get rid of some players in order to fulfill the financial points. The exit of some players was going to allow us to make signings. We knew since some months ago that we needed to do things in order to move forward, and that's why we made a viability plan. We knew some players were going to be important in that plan, but it could also be important to have resources in case they were leaving, and we needed to keep an internal speech if we were aspiring to reach certain financial goal. It was a strategy [the speech]. We couldn't tell the other clubs that we were going to release our best players. If I say that Expósito is going out, then they would have wanted him for free."

What’s the salary cap of Deportivo? “I don’t know. La liga will tell us all soon. I never work with a fixed number.”

Is the club taking care of the academy after the exits of Expósito and Caballo? “The idea is pretty clear and it’s to have two players per position and to have slots available from players coming from below. That restructuration was also made at Fabril as we signed U-23 players, so all of them could reach the first team. The best example is that we only have three centre-backs, not four. If someone from Fabril responds then we will have a spot available."

The exit of Caballo: “Throughout the day, and after the arrival of a new left-back was completed, we were talking to Caballo and he had the chance to go out loaned, and it happened too in several opportunities during this market, but he preferred to leave. And we understood that, if he thought that it was the right move, then we opened the door. You need three parties to agree and in the end we decided that he should leave. We talked to Diego Caballo at the start of the summer, we said that he needed continuity and he had offers. What we didn't want is to be in August without left-backs and having our financial problems. We were open to see him leaving, then we signed Luiz Ruiz and then we got Salva. I don’t know if it was worse to have three left-back defenders."

Is the exit of Caballo a bad sign for the academy players? "I don't think it's a bad sign for the lads, the message is that, the other day, three players were picked by the first team and two of them played. I don’t think it’s misleading. They will pull when it is needed. He just wanted to rescind and we didn't put obstacles to it."

Chances for Fabril’s players: "The contribution of the five Fabril's players during the pre-season is good, I even think some others could join them during the regular season."

The position of Peru Nolaskoain: "Fifteen days ago we talked to him and we had an agreement with Athletic before, and the lad and Athletic understood that his best chances were coming in the position of centre midfielder. From there we worked in the situation of signing a centre-back, especially a left-footed. What happened is that the market was complicated and other clubs were searching the same. "

Why to make five signings on deadline day? “It was impossible otherwise. You needed to release a player, in this case Diego Rolán, for the wages and the type of contract that he had. Without doing that, you cannot sign. We needed to attempt the signings, and we need to thanks the players and their agents, because they understood the situation, and that speak greatly of that valorization of this club, because it was important for them to play on here. When it was known that they were leaving, other clubs appeared and created a big problem to the agents, the players and their clubs, and yesterday was a very active and especially difficult day. There were things escaping from you, the others were offering things you couldn’t offer, and we need to thank the lads for their behavior.”

All the contracts made last season were viable: "All our contracts were viable. We had the case of Quique [González], whose contract was viable, but what wasn't viable was to give him what he wanted in a new three-year deal, maybe the first year, but not the next two. I could have said yes, but it wouldn’t be serious as next year I would have to tell him to low the contract. Last year other players didn’t come as other clubs were offering more, probably they will be now thinking otherwise seeing how serious we are. The important thing is that the movement of Depor, to be a responsible club, should be maintained no matter who is here."

Salva Ruiz: "The case of Salva Ruiz was planned as a loan, but Valencia wanted a transfer. It's a zero-cost transfer."

Beto da Silva: "Rolan was going out loaned, we talked to other club and we the saw the possibility, we started a conversation with that club [Tigres] and it turned to be an interesting situation with a player that can grow and give us an interesting economic situation. It is a good operation.”

Diego Rolan: “Rolan goes out on loan, they assume the wages and assume part of the amortization that still pending, and the other club has a buyout option. The option isn’t mandatory.”

The goal of the market: “The goal of the market was to present two players per position, so the coach can now choose the ones that are necessary, and if he has to pull players from the academy then he could do it, and I believe we achieved that goal with the market.”

The goal for the season: “The goal of the promotion passes through competing, and if we add then we will be inside the promotion zone.”

Are the signings on deadline day related to the poor results? “None of them. Everything was talked before the result of the weekend. It was clear we needed a left-back, it was clear we needed a centre-back and we had the option of the wingers. Nothing was conditioned to the results. It was just depending on the contract of Diego Rolán."

Is there the chance to sign a player out of contract in the coming weeks? "N. The team is closed, unless there's a disgrace in terms of injuries, the team is closed until January. We won’t sign free agents."

Criticism for the signing of Luis Ruiz: “I believe you can cannot judge a player before a period of six months, you cannot do it for one game. We were bad in that game [SD Huesca], everyone, not only one  player.”

Pedro Sánchez: "It was an accident and a personal issue. He talked to us and we didn’t fire him. He had a problem and needed to be where his family lives. You need to understand it. The signing of Pedro [Sánchez] seemed bad when it was done, now it seemed that the world was ending with his exit. You need to give time to things. It is a transfer, at zero cost, there are incentives if Albacete reach the playoff, and the player cannot perform against Deportivo La Coruña."

The exit of Cartabia: "Cartabia and his agent had an excellent treatment with the club. His contract was improved in order to stay at Segunda, but in the second year there wasn't the chance to improve his wages. He has a market and he wants to improve, and he and his agent sought for an offer, always together with the club. It is a loan and we are getting paid, which help us at the moment of building up the team.”

The two players coming from Atlético Madrid: "The same Atlético didn't want to release them. At the beginning, Javi [Montero], the centre-back, wasn’t going out and he had other offers, even loan offers from Primera. They even had offer for a possible transfer, but Atlético didn’t want to release him. And when the chance appeared we entered with a morale boost and we had that advantage. Yesterday was a complicate day as superior possibilities showed up, but the lad showed a great personality and had clear that what he wanted was to come here. Atlético responded greatly and kept their word and we are thankful with them. In the case of Victor [Mollejo], he had clear ideas and is more mature than a 30-year-old man. It reminds me to Carlos [Fernández]. He had offers from other places, but always kept the idea that, if he was leaving, it was to come here. And the chance showed up with the exit of Pedro Sánchez and he kept his word. He is even rescinding to the chance of been with the national team in order to come here. Despite been young, he has personality."

Poor results at the start of la liga: “It has to do with the market, you are against time and are still planning. Truly the points are lost. The day of Rayo the team was bad, but had good moments in the second half. In Segunda you need to seize your options to score goals, if not they will defeat you. Look how Osasuna started on last year, right now all the teams are building up their squads, we put five players in one week and now a new period starts.”

Last day offers: “Yesterday we had offers for our players, but these offers weren’t materialized.”

Christian Santos: "There were offers. We talked to Christian at the start of the season, the idea was to have three strikers and he was fine with that idea. He had offers to leave, but the player should want to leave. I believe he is content on here."

The centre midfielders: "Peru, Alex Bergantiños, Vicente Gómez, Gaku... the team will play with two centre midfielders, we can even play with three. We have players that can perform there."

Tiredness within the last days: “We had to sell players in order to build up the squad. And when the last days arrive then a stress is created. We were with the president at 2AM waiting for the arrival of a contract [Rolán]. It’s very hard when you don’t control everything. I am content with what we made. I believe the team should be competitive.”



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