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09 Sep 2019
Impotence after a new defeat for Deportivo, the coach insisted that the team deserved more than a defeat, while Mollejo complained because the referee didn’t want to revise his disallowed goal.

Coach Juan Antonio Anquela was saying that Depor didn’t deserve the defeat, “This is a hard hit, because in the second half we created game and opportunities, and we were there. I believe we deserved much more of what the result was. During many phases of the game we were superior to the rival, evidently we were hurried and failed to complete easy passes and clear goal opportunities, but I believe the team improved and created the opportunities that are demanded from us. We only missed to push the ball in, nothing more”

“In the first half there was a clear chance that hit the crossbar, and we had a couple of opportunities. The team lacked the last pass and especially the last control. We had one with Jovanovic, which was very clear and another for Christian that was also clear, with the head. The team has its limitations and today it was a little accelerated. But the team shouldn’t have lost, never, never. This for what the team did on the pitch.” He added.

What the coach admitted was that the performance wasn’t so good in the first half, “In the first half we lost the ball in some opportunities for been playing long, and especially we didn’t have clear ideas to move the ball from the back. We found people on the wings, but the game was too much direct. We can only continue and move forward.”

The Andalusian coach admitted the pressure after losing three of the first four games, “The results haven’t been good and what’s clear is that the team didn’t win, but I liked a lot the team in the second half. We only missed clairvoyance up front and nothing more. We have a need of points, but if you enter into that added pressure then it’s worse, it’s time to think in what we are failing. I don’t know how many times the rival made shots on target, only that we created enough chances to at least draw the game.”

Anquela was also asking himself why the referee didn’t use the VAR to revise the disallowed goal to Mollejo, “I didn’t’ see the plays. This works like this. Sometimes you are benefited sometimes don’t. Today we feel affected. We must only accept it. I don’t know what happened in the play of our goal, if he thinks that the play shouldn’t be revised then I don’t know, but for me he should have checked it.”

Álex Bergantiños believes that the team deserved more in this game, “The team is feeling hurt for the defeat, we think it was underserved. The team did the merits to get something more, but we knew that we had four players with only a few trainings with us. This is a team under construction, and we must assume it. The best version is about to come. The game was unfair with us, we had more chances than them. They only had an error from us and the penalty. We deserved more.”

“It was a complicate game against a team that was only waiting for us. We must also improve the automatism in order to attack these kinds of teams. We tried to push within the final minutes, their goal was an accident and with the new rules there will be penalties like this in all the games, and today it was our turn.” The midfielder added.

Víctor Mollejo was talking after debuting with the team, “The team was fine, I saw Depor in the last three games, and I believe Depor made a complete game, and what affected us is the aim at both areas. I am content for playing with this team, but with a bad taste in the mouth for the result. I would have loved to debut with a victory.”

He also explained the play in which the referee disallowed a goal to him, “If I tell you the true, I didn’t see him [the keeper]. When I jump for the ball, I always have the arms a little open so I don’t push the rival, and once I am for the ball I didn’t jump too high to not touch the keeper, though we know that the minimal contact is always whistled. For me nothing happened and I protested because they didn’t use the VAR.”

At Albacete Balompié, José Luis Ramis was content with the result and the luck of his team, “Today we managed to capture a little more of what we have worked these weeks. In the previous games we had also fought, but although we hadn’t generated much during the games, the weeks in training drew other sensations and we had to appear. Today we are happy because the team has been more like what we want and also because the result is helping us.”

“Many things have happened, Keco's injury, the expulsion… but we have been at high altitude in defense and although at times we have sunk, we have risen soon. With the ball we lacked continuity in some phases, but we have gone from less to more and the VAR has helped us in the end.” He added.




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