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12 Sep 2019
Striker Christian Santos says that he is ready to play a full game with Deportivo; he also confirmed that he didn’t receive offers during the closure of the summer market.

Christian Santos addressed the media before Wednesday’s training, he said to be ready to be a starter after Anquela told reporters that he wasn’t ready to play a full game, “I feel quite well. This year I had the opportunity to do almost the entire pre-season and I feel good. I think I'm ready for 90 minutes, although if you haven’t played for a while, it will cost. Talking to the doctor, I told him that I still didn't feel one hundred percent ready, but not because I was physically ill. It's because I know myself and I know I can be better.”

But the Venezuelan attacker didn’t give importance to the fact of not been a starter until now, “I was lucky to score in the first two games, it is something that every forward wants: to enter and score. I am happy to have succeeded. Not a starter? You try to carry out with it in the best way. Obviously, you would like to have more minutes when you give good benefits, but it isn’t me who decides. You have to be calm and keep working hard.”

He was surprised to see some of the deadline signings to be starters against Albacete, “I have been able to see them little, but they come strong and have enough quality. Let's see how they develop. Yes, I was surprised that they were starters, but these are situations that I don’t handle. You have to be calm and see how things go.”

The striker also stated that it isn’t true that he had offers during the summer window, “I said from the beginning that I would like to stay. I am happy to play this year with Depor. I didn't know anything until the closing of the market, I was focused on training well and it was like that. I was in contact with Carmelo and my agent, but nothing specific came to me that might interest me.”

Finally, Santos talked of his relationship with Anquela, “He told me that he is happy, that I am giving him what he asks. I imagine I'm doing things right. He wants me to fight for all the balls up front, to try to hold it, to make combinations and play easy. And then reach the goal, be in the area to finish off. He is treating us all equally. It's not that we talk a lot, but I see he is accessible to all players.”



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