13 Sep 2019
Deporís coach analyzes the moment of his team, the position of his players on the field and also admitted that the goal of the club is the promotion.

Juan Antonio Anquela conceded a interview to La Voz de Galicia. Deporís coach talked of systems, players, their positions on the field, the current situation of the team and even the VAR and his lack of interest in social networks. He also admitted the pressure after the poor start in liga.

Q: What feeling did you get back to work after the last game?
A: The feeling is the same. This goes on; we have to get to the bottom of the canyon again and continue working and doing things as we have been doing, that we are close to achieve good results.

Q: Is insistence and perseverance the right way?
A: Yes, last week five new players arrived. In this you have to walk calmly, I will not lose patience and calm. In football thereís only one way that leads to achieve what you want.

Q: The last game was decided by the VAR, is a problem the fact that VAR at Primera and VAR at Segunda are two different things?
A: Yes, but I will not go into that. Sometimes it will benefit us and sometimes it will harm us, as it was this week. There were a couple of decisions that... If you have seen them like this, they cannot be given importance. Whatís important is that there is a VAR for Primera and another for Segunda. What I would like is to unify the criteria. Because in the penalty whistled against us nobody protested, everyone was prepared to take out the ball. Not even Zozulia. I didn't see anything and I haven't seen it again, because I don't want to warm my head. To whistle a penalty, it has to be for more serious things. Hopefully this will later benefit us another day.

Q: And time is wasted.
A: Because it cuts your pace. Also, to play a game at 4 PM in the middle of September... careful, careful. You have to play it and it was our turn, but it is complicated.

Q; In that game, many newcomers played at Depor. The five, in the end, did it affect the plans for arriving so late?
A: Yes, but those are excuses and I will not go into that. I will not make excuses. I am very happy that they have come, some have come with more pace and others with less, but on Saturday we had to put them and, in general, the people who entered... For example, the three changes we made each of them had a clear goal opportunity, one hit the crossbar, another made a bad control and Christianís header was relatively comfortable. We had options. You know that in football patience does not exist, but you have to try to have it, because it doesnít lead to anything to be nervous at this point.

Q: You know that you are in a club that has had ten coaches in five years.
A: That happens on all clubs. I will fight what I can fight. I come every day to train with the same enthusiasm and the desire of the first day. I have hope in this great project and I will fight so no one can take it from me. The vast majority of Deportivoís fans are behaving in a very correct way. Thatís a plus for us to try to go out and give a joy to those people, who deserve it.

Q:  Is the changing room having that same confidence?
A: Yes. The other day we finished the game and looked at each other and said: kids, we have to be aware of our limitations and shortcomings, as in any facet of life. In general, we did everything to win: we created occasions, we missed to play better, we were fighting until the last second and the result wasnít at all what was seen in the field. But you have to turn the page and think about the following game. Here itís increasingly difficult. In Segunda anyone can beat you and we can beat anyone too.

Q: What is the idea that we will see of Deportivo when the team is more prepared?
A: If you analyze the numbers of the game against Albacete, we were vastly superior to the rival in all. We lacked to close it. But there are things in football that are either bought or not available. And we are now with that problem, at least last Saturday, because the previous one, we all scored goals and we are generating chances, we had 4-5 very clear, two that hit the posts, another to the crossbar. All thatís required now isÖ Albaceteís coach said we were a little nervous, of course. Thatís what you have to fix. It isnít easy to play in Riazor, itís a field ofÖ There is history and the player of Depor has to know how to play in that environment and that environment is not easy.

Q: Where will the team defend from the start?
A: That will vary depending on an opponent and the result and what we do. We try to push up, play with the advanced defense and thatís a tremendous risk that we havenít managed to solve right now. In the last game the team was close, it was serious, tidy, we pressed up, we stole balls, we had goal plays. The other, the combinative football must have players for that. You have to adapt to what you have. Let's see if we are capable. We are going for the fifth matchday and we are still asking if we are capable. These are duties that we had to have done already. But no, we are in it.

Q: You thought that it wasnít going to be so difficult, isnít?
A: I knew it was going to be difficult. Because Segunda is very difficult and everything is in small details. If we had won on Saturday, we would be in a normal situation, but now we are in a rather complicated situation. All in one action. We did everything so that this action fell on our side, but we must continue insisting and working.

Q: Do the centre-backs at the team allowing you to place the team so high, or does it generate a lot of space between the lines?
A: That happened in Huesca, in Vallecas it didn't happen that much; in the first part of Oviedo, neither, nor the other day. I'm not giving excuses, but we have important people out. Peru has come here to be important and give things. Somma is injured, Longo, Borja... That falls within the possibilities of football, but when we could have everyone available, then we are a good team. And that must be endorsed with points, because the points give peace of mind that we do not have right now. In the internal forum we are with the rope around the neck regarding the number of points.

Q: The three newcomers for the wing have a similar profile.
A: All can also play as forwards.

Q: Of course, but none reaches the bottom line to release crosses.
A: If you look at it like that, yes, but it's not easy to get to the end of the field and release a cross. They can release a cross, but you need to do it well... Obviously we don't have them, but where are those players?

Q: Do you have the squad you would like in order to play as you want to play?
A: I would like to have the best in each position, but thatís impossible. I would like to have many of those who were here last year, but itís impossible. We have to adapt and I am very happy with what I have. And all I have to do is get performance, how? I do not know. Well, I don't know in quotes.

Q: Explain yourself. Because the "I don't know" is dangerous
A: It's that when I say I don't know, I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about football. In football you never know what will happen. I think I know what I want and how to get there. But football says "be careful," I don't know if it will allow it or not. I am not going to give up a second of doing things as well as possible and doing whatís best for this team.

Q: In the club there have been adjustments at all levels, should also the demands be cut?
A: I don't go in there. I can only say that the club has tightened its belt, because it had to be tightened and things must be done with good sense. I know that I am in Deportivo and what are the demands. When you come to Deportivo you know where you are arriving and what you play for. And I am very happy with what we have. If they demand things that can be reached, we will do it and if they demand things that cannot be reached, we will try with all our might. Itís very clear. But I have no doubt that Deportivo can compete with anyone. I have no doubt.

Q: The requirement of the president and the sporting director is the promotion, is for Anquela the same?<
A: The one who is coaching Deportivo cannot have another objective, there is no other goal. If you are in Primera, to play the UEFA, because this club is like that. Because its story is like that. Those of us who are now in Deportivo have no class, none, to get to that story. We have to adapt to reality and if we succeed and adapt to how the Segunda Division works, then we can compete with anyone. The limits will be set by the championship.

Q: Have you been given the necessary squad for that promotion?
A: If I don't believe in my squad, then I close the bar. I believe to death, they are trained to compete and if we compete, we will not be inferior to anyone. Itís the only philosophy that I understand: to compete in this league.

Q: What does it mean that the team has finished in relegation after four matchdays?
A: And in the first we were almost in direct promotion. It means that we have to squeeze and that what goes away does not come back. We didnít add points many times, but we cannot flog with that. Itís not good for us. The word is calm and you know what you want, which is to compete.

Q: Calm, but worried.
A: If I am not worried, I am irresponsible. And I am very responsible with my work and we have lost three games in a row. How do we cut that bleeding? Not hurrying up things. You have to know what is done and measure each step and especially adapt to what there is. And what we have is to compete and nothing else. If we load ourselves with unnecessary pressure, then we will have problems. If you load yourself with unnecessary pressure, there will be a time when we wonít be able to pass the ball to a meter, or we wonít want the ball, and thatís the point that you cannot reach. We are totally convinced that we are going to get this out and we are going to get it out on a good note. We all know it inside the changing room, and the first person is me.

Q: At the beginning are you planning to strengthen the spinal cord with three midfielders?
A: Itís a possibility, and later to reinforce the back zone, and play with two strikers, but if you take away from one side, you have to put it in another. We are not airtight. If we have to change, we will do it. Everything will be based on what we have and to have the best team in the field.

Q: But what draw will Deportivo have, how itís going to attack, how itís going to defend?
A: We need to have a balanced team, grant few occasions and have many of them. How? There is the point. It doesnít guarantee you to have more chances the fact of playing with two strikers. I want a balanced team that knows what itís playing.

Q: Thereís already that definitive squad, you already see them. How are they going to be placed in the field right now?
A: We are playing 4-2-3-1. We can play 4-4-2, 4-3-3, or play with three centre-backs when we have everyone. We have all systems ready.

Q: But won't you say which one do you prefer?
A: 4-4-2 with a reference forward and a second attacker with mobility and verticality that falls to the sides. It is what I like. And then have two pivotes that play well and two wingers who go up. Super offensive. But can we do that? I donít know. There will be times that yes and others that don't. Because then you have to ask the side defenders to work without the ball, and the second striker, and the pivotes. And you have to work the pros and cons of the system. We have made all the variants in all the matches. Why? Because we have gone behind in the scoresheet and I donít want that. I would like to say "we play like this and we know advantages and disadvantages." We have finished with three defenders or with two the vast majority of the games and the sides wide open. And to generate. The other day we generated, but missed to push the ball in. I would like to have a system and keep it, but the better system is the one in which we all agree.

Q. Does the current system leave a player like Gaku unprotected?
A: In Japan he has even played as defensive pivote and alone, coming to get the ball in front of the centre-backs. If we play 4-2-3-1 we need to have two pivotes that keep the place. As a playmaker or seconds striker, I don't see him. There we have Ager [Aketxe] who is now being the best. If a thing is going well, you have to try not to move it. Then, Gaku will have to play as pivote unless we do so: we stay with Alex alone and put Ager and Gaku ahead. I don't want Gaku to be playing backwards the goal. Itís difficult to play backwards and you have to know how to do it. And if you put it on second striker, you will have to play backwards.

Q: There can also enter Nolaskoain, to reinforce that centre of the field.
A: Yes. Peru can enter there or as a centre-back. And he would be playing now, but he got sick and there we are, looking forward to his return. He is a young footballer, but I am not afraid of young people as long as they know what they want, what we want, and how to get it. You have to give them a chance and if they are smart, then they will realize what they have to do.

Q: And Konť? Do you see him for example playing at the wing?
A: The best place for Konť is second striker, but right now that position belongs to the player who has the most clairvoyance in our team. And on the sides, he doesn't like to play there, so he has to play here [gestures pointing to the centre forward position] or here [behind the striker]; and in that second place I see it harder to play right now.

Q: Up front, Santos hasnít done badly in the few minutes he has had.
A: He has come out at times because he still didn't have the pace, but now he's doing better. And if he has to play, he will play.

Q: You spoke of the young people and that you arenít afraid to put them. Will there be Fabrilís players who will reach at least seven or eight league games during the season? Do you see them prepared and with room?
A: I see them ready, the point is that there is room. I've already put Mujaid in Vallecas, and David [SŠnchez] when we were losing. And if I have to put another, I will. They have a level, but right now, there are people ahead.

Q: You say "if I have to put it". But do you have academy players that can be expected to overtake others at the first team?
A: That's what they have to think; they can do it. And if one comes in and does it well... But I can't say anything else because I don't want to be a slave to my words and be told, "You said this." Indeed, at that time it was like that, and now in another way. I am not going to give classes to anyone, in football the thoughts vary; and faster and more times than I would like.

Q: Is that why you are so little friend of public appearances? You don't seem to like press conferences and interviews.
A: No, I do not like them. Itís that I like normal conversations, but as with you it is not possible because your job is to look for a headline... If we take off all this [points to the micro] and sit down to talk, I can tell you things that there [points to the camera] I will never tell you. I have already said it: I don't want to be a slave to what I say, because what is white today, tomorrow turns gray.

Q: But sometimes you transmit an image of seriousness, low tone...
A: I can't be an actor. If it hurts, it hurts. My penance is mine. Inside the changing room I go to lift my kids, but if I go out to talk I can't lie; If I am sad, I am. I'm not an actor, I'm a coach. But when my work ends... My work ends before the press conference and then I will see how to bullfight, how I take out the cape, but when I start talking I can feel the mood. I know that this is not good for me, but that's how I've been all my life in football.

Q: Press conferences are still part of the coach's job. Don't you think the image has a weight?
A: Yes, I share it

Q: But you arenít.
A: No way. I will not change the way I am. Whoever knows me knows how I am. Ask the players if I am sad

Q: Of course, but football reaches other areas beyond the players. Video, social networks...
A: I donít have those. I have nothing but Whatsapp. Networks exist and we have to adapt, but I will never enter there.

Q: Let's go back to the season. In a few days, Gijůn, against an ambitious team thatís playing well. How important is that game on matchday five?
A: It's a tough game, speaking badly and soon. Because we lack points. But how many do they have. And then it seems that they play well and we fatal.

Q: No one has argued that against Albacete Deportivo clearly dominated the game.
A: Well, we lacked the depth and calm to see that you could win from minute one. With peace of mind, but you have it or not. And in Gijůn... Well, how are we traveling to Gijůn? Concerned, because we are in relegation. If we didn't worry we would be irresponsible.

Q: You have the sixth highest budget in the league. Does that reinforce the obligation to be promoted?
A: At the reason of the numbers, yes. And I'm going to say yes. Whoever comes to Deportivo already knows what Ďs here. You enter the Depor field and you have to stand firm and clean your shoes. You say "what they have lived here." But now we are in Segunda Division. Deportivoís coach will be asked about many things. And nothing more.

Q: How do you measure the weight of the Riazor? What does it imply during the game?
A: The only thing I can say is that the fans have behaved in both games. Incredibly. I have been in fields where there would have been chaos, but here they have behaved in an exemplary way. In order to play in Deportivo you have to be mentally strong. And good player; Thatís the word. Not anyone plays here, because tradition weighs, and the field weighs, and you have to have a strong personality.

Q: In Vallecas you protested that this character appeared with the 2-1 and not with the 0-1. Last season it was said many times that the team lacked character.
A: The character is not a coach's thing. In order to play here you need to have a lot of personality or be very good. And if you arenít, then you will have to run more, because here not anyone plays. That shirt has to weigh, and we must thank God for being here and fighting for it. And as a coach, the same.

Q:  Is this the most ambitious challenge of your career?
A: The challenge is what you mark to yourself. Mine is to train every day as a possessed. Here all that is asked is attitude, desire, predisposition. The other will come or not come. If you are good, you run, and if you arenít so much, then you run twice. Football does not respect anyone, in order to defeat a well-armed team, you must do many things.



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