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17 Sep 2019
Deportivo continue to present big problems at defence as the team isn’t convincing despite the will of the players. Depor regained one of the two points lost against Albacete using the VAR.

1- Lights and shadows: Deportivo rescued a point visiting a team that also aspires to promotion, that will always be positive. But this team remains surrounded by doubts. Because it shows some spirit and will, but still committing defensive errors and lacks ideas to attack.  Anquela defends that the team is progressing, but the true is that Depor are still paying the price for the defensive errors (no clean sheets in five matchday) and the lack of a strategy to attack is frustrating.

2- The mess at midfield: For the first time in the season the coach played with three centre midfielders, it improved a bit the performance of the worst section of the team, but the impression left is of a real mess. Vicente isn’t a factor, and Álex is important stealing the ball (8 recoveries in this game), but at the same time it’s a menace for his bad passes (10 losses). In the end Gaku Shibasaki continues to look bad placed and lacks a figure of a motor in the sector.

And the situation isn’t changing despite the changes made by the coach. When the trivote was on, Sporting only had a clear chance and it was the goal of Uroš Đurđević after a poor mark. Since the team wasn’t creating chances, Anquela removed Vicente; it didn’t change the lack of ideas in attack and it only made worse the defence, because it was then when Sporting had three clear chances after big errors at midfield that ended in three shots of Đurđević saved by Dani Gimenez.

3- The changes of Anquela: Once again Deportivo left the impression of getting worse with the changes made by the coach. Vicente wasn’t doing a good game, but his exit caused an unbalance at midfield that was close to cost a new goal, while the entry of Borja Galán was strange, because he entered in order to refresh the attack, but only played 20 minutes up front as later he was delated to the right-back position. Meanwhile, the entries of Jovanović and Koné arrived too late and they didn’t have too many minutes to have an impact in the game.

4- Aketxe and the set-pieces: In the rich history of Deportivo, it’s hard to remember a player as important as Ager Aketxe in the set-pieces. Each time the Galicians have a free-kick or even a corner-kick in favor it means real danger for the rival. In this game the Basque man not only scored the equalizer with a calm execution in a penalty, but also was close to score in a direct free-kick saved by local goalie Mariño (55’).

5- Turnaround with the VAR: Last weekend the fans of Depor were upset after the team lost the game with Albacete due to a penalty whistled thanks to the VAR for a ball hitting the arm of David Simón late in the game, and now it was the same, because the attempt of Mollejo hit the harm of Borja López in the same type of action and it was also needed the use of VAR to call the penalty. It can be said that the Galicians rescued one of the two points lost in the previous game using the same resource.



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