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20 Sep 2019
The games of Depor have been full of ups and downs and this match wasn’t the exception. A soft defence is costing a lot, the skills of Aketxe weren’t enough to put Depor back into the race for promotion.

The five notes from the game Vs. CD Numancia:

1- Depor is a rollercoaster: The Deportivismo passed in three days from feeling some relief rescuing a point in the added time, and visiting a tough rival, to now end upset dropping two points after allowing two late goals. And that feeling of a rollercoaster is also present within the games. Because against CD Numancia, Depor played one of its worse first halves in years, and out of nowhere the team showed a fresh face in the second part -not even Anquela was able to explain it in his press conference - And all of this to end witnessing a new defensive low that cost two points.

2- The mess of the defence: Deportivo continue to be a soft team in defense, in four of the six games played this season Depor have allowed three goals and a lot of this has to do with the poor quality of the defenders. Anquela says that it’s a collective matter, but the true is that the defenders have shown an alarming passive attitude in the plays of the goals. In the first, Escassi failed once and later had time to find the ball again and resolve. The second and third goal witnessed how the finisher was totally unmarked. The center-backs are constantly misplaced, and the side defenders are easily outflowed by the rival. Anquela already said it: you cannot if you allow three goals per game.

3- Again Aketxe: New magisterial class of Ager Aketxe in set-pieces, this time he was also the most active player in attack with 40 passes (only Álex had more, 42) and a decent pass accuracy (90%). Truly visiting keeper Dani Barrio helped a lot, but the Basque playmaker is now the top-scorer at the team and the first Depor’s player with a goal and an assist in the same game.

4- And again Anquela failed with the changes: Once again the changes of Anquela left the impression of turning the team into a worst thing of what already was before the modifications. Depor were all over Numancia, but the entries of Vicente and Borja Galán never had an impact in the game as they never brought fresh air; Deportivo just turned to be a worse version and the final change of Beto da Silva should have been for Koné, who was already booked, but the coach preferred to see the ovation for Aketxe.

5- The second youngest player to score a goal: Víctor Mollejo (18 years and 240 days) scored the first goal in the game. He is the youngest player that scores for Depor in an official game since Luis Suárez (18 years and 232 days), which remains to be the record at the club.



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