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20 Sep 2019
The coach and the players were feeling screwed for the final result, Anquela was worried for the poor defence and because his team didn’t have the experience to administrate the advantage.

Juan Antonio Anquela was content with the performance in the second half, but at the same time angered for wasting the two-goal lead, “The final stretch has been terrible for us, because we did the most difficult thing. I believe we played with intensity for forty minutes in the second part, and we turned the score and later the end was chaotic. We defended pretty badly and gave facilities to the rival, and here the rival will seize any chance they could have.”

“Evidently we are sad, but what gives us hope are those forty minutes we had in the second half, we created opportunities, but evidently we were unable to close a game that we turned around. The rival pressed, but we didn’t know how to close the game. And it was easy: you had to have the ball up front and wait for the end, but we couldn’t do it. Any team can seize a concession like this and Numancia is a good team.” He added.

The Andalusian coach admitted that the fans are unhappy, “I am worried and they are right. The public is mad and I would be mad too, because we need to make more things. We can do better things and the start and the end of the game wasn’t positive for us.”

Later he explained what he told his players at half-time, “We only talked and said that we needed to play football, and to do in the second half what we did: to open the field and play good football. We were better organized compared to the first half. And we are having problems to defend the set-pieces, and we are too insecure in any defensive play.”

Asked why Depor is so unbalanced, the coach explained that, “We know were the unbalance is: 13 goals allowed is too much. You need to score a lot and it’s impossible. It’s impossible to win if you allow three goals; today we added a point, but it’s not right. We need to fix the negative thing of the big number of allowed goals, you cannot aspire to anything allowing so many goals. “

Then he was asked why the team started the game so poorly, “I don’t know. We were asleep at the start, we neither pressed nor were defending well I t was clear that the rival was superior and had the control of the game. The second half was good until the final five minutes. This is what we have and cannot change it. We need to see the reason why and that explanation is easy: we were too fragile and must have the ball; we cannot live anxiously and waiting to defend an advantage. It was 3-1 with five minutes remaining and you can never lose that advantage.”

Finally, Anquela was asked if he is feeling pressure as the public was requesting his exit, “I see things as anyone else. I know how football works. I have no problem. What I need to do is to work hard and to see if we can fix this mess, a mess that’s very dangerous. I am like the first day: full of hope and strength, and today I am only sad for the result. I am worried because having people with experience we aren’t reading the situations in the proper way. We did the merits to win and we allowed the points to escape.”

Javier Mollejo scored one of the goals and was angered with the result, “We are screwed, because we made a second part to take the game. The first half was bad, but the coach showed us how to play at half-time. We went out like airplanes and it wasn’t possible, we must learn from mistakes. The draw tastes like defeat, we are ambitious and we know that the position at the standings isn’t reflecting the quality of the squad.”

Similar was the speech of David Simón, “Clearly the first half was thrown away, we didn’t know how to read the game. In the end the reaction in the second part was good, we claimed a two-goal lead, but we didn’t know how to read the game and the draw arrived. Against Albacete we had bad luck and today we wasted a two-goal lead, it’s normal to see people upset. We are also feeling screwed.”

Aketxe talked on Thursday, the playmaker scored a goal and provided an assist and was defending Anquela towards the comments that he should be sacked, “To change the coach isn’t the solution, we must look at ourselves and move forward. The team tried and turned around a game and we must stick to those minutes.”

At CD Numancia, coach Luis Carrión didn’t know if he should be content or mad for the result after the turnarounds, “The first part was ours; we had more scoring opportunities and could have scored more goals. In the second… we were asleep, and it was our fault to allow two set-pieces, a free-kick and a corner-kick, and we knew how Aketxe is in these plays, and later the team reacted.  So, we ended happy for how the game was at that point, but I am also leaving upset for how the first half was.” 




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