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01 Oct 2019
The president of Deportivo talked to the media after the protests and whistles witnessed in the game with CF Mirandés. He supports Del Pozo and Anquela, but didn’t ratify if the coach will continue on next Monday.

Paco Zas addressed the media on Monday; he decided to step in after the negative environment had at the Riazor with the poor game of Depor against CD Mirandés. He defended the job of sporting director Carmelo del Pozo and coach Juan Antonio Anquela, but didn’t ratify him in the job. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

The situation of the team: "We are concerned about the situation of the team but we are convinced that this situation will change for good. We are concerned about the environment and the whole situation. We are convinced that it will change with everyone's support.”

The status of Anquela "One of the reasons why I am here is to address this situation before it gets rushed or goes over. It would be very unfair to make a decision about the coach, because he has worked in conditions that aren’t normal. The team made a pre-season with many players that we weren't going to belong to our squad. These are conditions that are not desirable. We arrived at Huesca without five signings that were made ten days later, and that tell you how short the squad was. But not only that, we also lost Somma for injury reasons. He has never been able to count on all the players. There have been bad games, but they have been bad in the first half, and later we came from behind, which shows commitment. It isn’t fair to take measures under all these circumstances.”

Carmelo Del Pozo is criticized by the public: "For me Carmelo is an honest person, very hardworking and who has given his face for Deportivo. I would say that he has given it too much. At the club we may have been wrong in his overexposure throughout the pre-season. He was the one talking I every presentation and that has led, perhaps, to the situation that we are living. All his decisions have been endorsed by the board and he cannot be blamed for everything.”

Will Anquela continue if Depor loses the next two games? “Football is football, if you lose the next ten games, then logically you have to take measures. But right now, I’m sure that he will improve. If we lose 6-0 and 6-0, Anquela won’t continue. We have to see what Depor do against Girona and Almeria. What do we expect? That the team can improve, at least slightly.”

Will Carmelo end the season at the club? I’ve plenty of confidence in him. As a sporting director, he is controlling the tem since early in the morning until late at night. We were the last one to enter the summer market. There were four players consuming the half of the salary cap. And Carmelo had to convince the singings to wait until the end. And some didn’t want to wait. Do you think that the five signings made on deadline day were closed that day? No. That was already agreed.”

Pessimism among the fans: "The situation is not pleasant for the team. We all would like to be in a better position. We are all disappointed and it’s normal because we expect more, because everyone was excited."

What do you think of Carmelo talking to the players at half-time? “A sporting director who doesn’t talk to the coach or the players would not be good. I think all the sporting directors do that. But from there to interfering with the coach's decisions would be very serious. If that happened, Anquela would have said it. It's normal to be worried at certain times. "

Do you feel affected by the whistles? “We are concerned. Off course we are worried and off course it affects us, we have a responsibility.”

What’s the goal for the season? "At least this team has to play the promotion phase."



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