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06 Oct 2019
Depor’s coach admitted that this could be his last game with the team. Almeria’s manager expects to change the impression left within the last two games.

Juan Antonio Anquela addressed the media on Saturday; he is aware that this could be his last match at Depor tough nobody at the club has told him anything. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Mental state of the squad: “Right now football is more a mental state, and you need to emphasize on it. We talk a lot to the players and right now we are trying to lift the self-steam of a lot of people, and we will do it without any doubt.”

The comments of Lampropoulos: “We all on here have to apologize. These are actions in the game. We are a team and must do things as a whole.”

Change of tactic?: “We can make changes, but a  tactical modification needs deeper changes.  We will continue the same, doing the things in which we believe and the things we work every day.”
Almeria: “I am more worried of my team. The rival has been up there since the season started, they caught the same negative streak that any team can get in this league, you never know when you will get it, sometimes it’s at the beginning, sometimes at the middle. They have played well in the last two games, but didn’t get the results, and that makes them a more complicated rival.”

How is the situation inside the changing room? “The players are worried, but I have no doubt that we still believe in what we are doing and that we will move forward.”

What environment are you expecting at the stadium? “I am not in conditions to ask anything from the fans. They are free to do whatever they want, but they know that we aren’t going anywhere without them. We can only try to hook them up, and I hope that people could be aware that we are playing for three important points.”

The team is lasting too much in reacting: “It’s evident and clear. We have no margin for more errors.”

Are you still feeling capable of reverting the situation? “I’m still eager to work, even more as things are more complicated and the challenge is bigger. But I believe in our work and that we are capable of reverting the situation. It’s my obligation as a coach and I also think the same as a person.”

To win in any possible way: “Yes, we need to win. I would like to be like the second half at Girona or as the second half against Mirandés, but I will like to do it for a whole game, then surely we would win.”

Are you feeling this is your last game? “I am not worried about that. I can only work and push forward. Football works like this.  You need to be prepared for everything.”

Has the club told you anything about your future? “No, but there are moments in which the words are meaningless. The facts are there and you see them. We have problems and the problems are fixed in the same way. I only hear it in the media, but I believe you are right. “

Pedro Emanuel didn’t talk to the media before the game, because the team traveled from Gijón to Coruña without returning to Andalusia, but the club released an audio with his comments about the game at the Riazor.

Bad results for both teams: "It’s a moment in which we have to work more. We know that Deportivo also comes at a bad time, it comes with a lot of pressure and we have to do our job to dispute the points. There will be more dispute than good game and we want to leave a very different impression compared to Gijón. We are not going to give excuses, we must assume that it was a bad game and we only think about the next game. It’s important to take a step backwards to later give two to the front."

Conclusions from the last defeat: "We have to manage the group in the things that we haven’t done well and then there are personal issues, which we also try to make, so the players can feel important. It’s good that there is a match soon to recover our good game. We haven’t forgotten that this is a marathon, every day we have to be better, although we know that not every day things will go as we want.”

Deportivo: "It has a lot of quality, although it isn’t passing through a good time. Riazor is a stadium that presses a lot, both for good and bad. It’s a very important game in which the players have to prove their maturity." 




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