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10 Oct 2019
New coach Luis César was presented on Wednesday. He said that the team still has time to reach the promotion places.

Luis César Sampredro directed his first training session on Wednesday. Before the training he was presented at Abegondo and talked about his arrival to Depor and about what he expects to achieve. The following is a summary of the things he said.

“I arrive to a great club, with prestige and evidently it’s a reference at all levels. I am hopeful and content to be here. I have been a coach for a while and have watched a lot of games at the Riazor, including in the 1990’s. And all of these years I have followed Deportivo and am fulfilling a dream. I always wanted to coach Deportivo. I saw Depor facing Manchester and Milan and it was always a dream to be here.”

The current situation: “Obviously we have a deficit of points, there are teams that are above us, some are very comfortable after having a good start. Depor didn’t have a good start, but this doesn’t mean anything. This is a matter of streaks, you need to learn how to surf in the good ones; if you win it isn’t only because you win. Sometimes you win, then you do the same things in the next game and lose and you don’t know why. It’s very important to know why you win, so you will later know why you lose.”

Promotion: “Nobody has achieved anything, not even Cádiz, who has 26 points, they cannot sign that they are at Primera División. And nobody can tell us that we cannot reach the first places. I know how this league is, everything is more equal. The financial differences are big, but not as big as Primera División. I am here for everything, and we have enough time for this.”

The squad: “I like the squad. There are a lot of players that aren’t living their best version. We must try to see them reaching their top. I see a team that’s very good. At Segunda we all are very similar. At Segunda, if the level of your more expensive players isn’t good, then everything is more equal. And you have the cases of Mallorca as example, because, there aren’t the same big differences than at Primera. There aren’t big differences and it’s a matter of been a good team week by week. I rely on the squad and we can achieve many things.”

Analysis of why the team is in a bad situation: “I won’t valorize the past. You cannot change it and it won’t be respectful to comment the work of a coach that was there. If Deportivo don’t have many points it is because there are many reasons. What matters is what we can do from now own. We have time to do many things. I have an idea about why, but won’t say it publicly.”

Playing style: “In my career I have done of everything. I have been a coach of extreme direct football; I have been changing in my life and don’t like to be defined. I rely in the kind of players that we have and search for a style. There is no black or white and we will see how to defeat the rival. A coach has to be like a chef and not present the same dish twice, the dishes will depend on our resources. You will check it, in some games we will be more combinative; it depends on the rivals and our needs.  I want a complete team that thinks of both areas. We must learn how to be good defending, to be an excellent manager of the counterattack, to know how to handle the counterattacks from the rivals and to know how to defend as a block, those are the four facets in the game. It’s what I will try since this afternoon.”

Fabril’s players ahead of the game at Las Palmas: “It’s a good moment to demonstrate things, to give everything so the coach will have problems at the moment of deciding. At Las Palmas some will enter and later others will do it. We must adapt to the circumstances. We have casualties now and all the clubs know that this could happen.”

Short time to prepare the next game: “I need to simplify things, all the tactical charge that I want.   I have to fix it, because I cannot pass to the players what I want in only five days. We will have double sessions, but I don’t want to confuse the players. It’s a matter of simplifying things. We need to train and arrive fresh to the game.”

Priorities: “The numbers say that we have allowed 17 goals, this is bankruptcy. It’s impossible to reach the goal with this number. We need to defend better. I believe the team has improved. It’s impossible to not concede chances, sometimes you allow two and they score once, and sometimes you concede more chances and you don’t allow goals. This is the competition and we cannot concede 17 goals in ten games.”

Tense environment: “In my experience I believe these things occur because you aren’t reaching the short-term goals, it’s a matter of achieving good results. It’s a matter of pleasing the fans, and what the people want is to win and see their team playing good football. The motor of all the problems is the relegation. I am sure that if the team would have eight more points, then the situation will be different.”

Short-term goals: “To think of the game at Las Palmas, to establish what’s contents you can introduce to the team and to try to add points at Las Palmas. The game will give me information to prepare the next week, if we were fine in set-pieces, if we defended well, and if attacked well. The game itself will give me the information to prepare the next game.  The goal is always the performance, because the performance will lead you to the goals”

Long-term goals: “I come for everything that’s possible. Can we do it? I believe that yes. Can we sign it? No. We have a deficit of points and we won’t reduce it in three games, But Cádiz is not yet at Primera División.”

First contacts with Deportivo: “Carmelo phoned me on Saturday.”

Message to the fans: “I am optimistic because I see the material to achieve what I want. People are depressed if you don’t achieve good results, so the key is to do the right things and win, if you win then you convince and it’s easier to win the following match. You need to avoid negative feelings and that the bad moments are translated into the next game, especially when you depend on others, because on here the keepers depend on the defenders, and the defenders in the attackers. You must be a specialist in forgetting things. The near past is bad at Deportivo, the team suffered the relegation, the team loses and people are depressed. People will be happy again if you win, everything starts there.”

Is the goal the promotion? “Our goals is always to win the next game, because your goals is to survive, and in order to survive you need to win the next game. We have to win and do the right things, because in order to win you need to do the right things. I go out for the points and must do something in order to achieve it. We still in October and everything is possible.”



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