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10 Oct 2019
Paco Zas addressed the media and explained why Anquela was sacked and what the goal should be for the remaining of the season.

President Paco Zas was the one that presented Luis César before Wednesday’s training. He talked to reporters and explained the reasons and the process to sack Anquela. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The arrival of Luis César: “We hope that this sporting situation that we are living with deep concern can be faced in the best possible way, one of the characteristics that we had is to have a man with experience and that knows Deportivo and the league. At the same time we wanted to give a Galician sense to the role, so the club can feel identified with the region.”

How was the process to select the coach? “It’s always the same process. The sporting direction had a proposal and then the board decides.”

How was the process after saying on last week that Anquela was staying? Between Monday and Monday we had two games, at Girona we were worried and we thought in two possible decisions, a victory on Monday and a negative result. Therefore, the sporting direction was prepared for everything, though always respecting the coach, because nothing came out from the club. We have to work and analyze all scenarios.”

Why Anquela was sacked? “What prevailed was the negative streak of not winning. We didn’t want a team used to not win, that was what marked our decision.”

Who chose the coach? “There’s a process that’s always the same, I guess is the same at other clubs. There’s a sporting director and you have premises, he searches and makes proposals and then the board decides. The board thought it was right and nothing more.”

Is the goal the promotion? “For me the goal is the same. We still in October and there are chances for everything. At least we should be playing the playoff.”

Long-term plan for the club: “Off course we have a plan, and we commented with the staff at the club. I said before, my job as a president is to find an identity though having Galician players, so we can be more participative in this society.”

Criticism against the president: “I cannot tell people how they must see me. The shareholders are free to do whatever they want. I can only work and be responsible. We cannot be affected by this situation at the moment of making decisions. We cannot be thinking what they will say as fans or shareholders. I make my own decisions. For me the most important thing is Deportivo and nothing more.” 




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