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23 Oct 2019
Dark days for the club and for president Paco Zas, who was even thinking of resigning. He addressed the media on Tuesday and asked for patience and unity.

Since Monday there were rumours pointing to the exit of Paco Zas and his board of directors, Deportivo is the bottom team at Segunda and the fans are pointing to the sporting director and the board, so it was commented that they were analyzing a possible exit and to call for elections.

Normally, the board had a meeting each Monday, but on this week it was moved to Tuesday. And in the end they decided to continue. After the meeting, Paco Zas addressed the media and confirmed that this year’s shareholders meeting is taking place at the beginning of December.

The president explained why he wants to continue, "We have total and absolute confidence in the squad, in the coach and in all the sporting staff. As an athlete, at a time like this, with the team in a situation like this, to be at the bottom., I would not understand to think about not supporting Deportivo, in getting off the boat. I am a sportsman since I was born practically. Leaving my team in this situation doesn’t fit into my concepts. "

“There’s no way than to move forward, fight, trust in everything that lies ahead. It’ a situation that we all know is totally anomalous. We have to ask for the confidence in the players, that when they jump into the field they do it with the greatest possible confidence. I don't ask for anything for myself, but that the players are given enough strength to play with peace of mind. " He added.

Zas ended admitting that the situation is tough for everyone, “It’s very hard for me. We have no choice but to endure. That’s why I ask that, although it’s hard for us, for the players it could be as smooth as possible in the sense that they don’t feel the restlessness that we all have. I never tell people what they have to do. I can't even think of it. I ask to support the players as much as possible. I do not go further. Many Deportivistas are having a bad time, but when the team is as it is, we have to row."



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