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24 Oct 2019
Striker Borja Valle admitted that the players are surprised with the bad start to the league, but he believes that there’s still room to dream about the promotion.

Borja Valle addressed the media on Wednesday, just before the training session. The start to the season has been terrible for Deportivo, but the striker is still dreaming with promotion, “I don't know if it's a matter of pride, but I don't resign myself to think that the only goal is to achieve the permanence. It’s true that many would sign it now, because the beginning is bad, but I don’t sign the permanence. I want to be realistic and believe that the objective should be to aspire to higher levels. Knowing how we are right now and wanting to be one of those responsible for turning things around.”

He admitted that’s a surprise to see Depor as the bottom club at Segunda, “I never thought about this situation. Signing here was one of the most beautiful moments in my career. It has been years of ups and downs, difficult times and seeing you there, it hurts, it generates sadness. I didn't want to see Depor down there being one of its members, but at the same time I have the responsibility of turning things around.”

He also admitted the uncertainty inside the changing room, “The mood isn’t the happiest in the world right now, because the situation is difficult. We are people, like anyone. We enjoy the good times and we get annoyed when they aren’t good. There are young people who have not faced these types of situations, but those of us who have spent more time here have to help.”

Valle also wanted to defend Carmelo del Pozo as the sporting director has been criticized in the planning of the season, “I think he hasn't made a squad for us to be down there. The players are us; we guess right at times and we also fail. I trust him, he does the work for the good of the club and I support him one hundred percent. And the board too. People at the stadium are free to show their opinion and it’s normal for them to criticize, but we support him. He is the one who worked hard to have us here and we have to give him back his confidence.”



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