31 Oct 2019
Saöa Jovanović conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia, the Serbian winger talked of his adaptation to the team and the current situation of Deportivo.

Q How did the team transformed at half-time of Saturday's game?
A: The coach spoke to us very clearly. He told us to be brave, that we must squeeze harder, that we should enter with everything for the secondary plays. We went out as a brave team and that point gives us a lot of confidence. We are a little happy.

Q: Do you work differently this week?
A: I can't say that we work differently. We always train hard and focused as a team. But in many games, we had no luck. For example, against Numancia we went 3-1 and for seven bad minutes at the end we finished 3-3. But the team has now more confidence, itís my opinion, and we are with a smile in the face. A club like Deportivo donít deserve that position. With the bad results and 20,000 people are still coming to the field! The club is very loved here and that is very important.

Q: You insist that there is a good squad, but do you have character?
A: For me thereís a lot of character. If there wasnít, when the results donít come, you will train without desire. We always train hard and at one hundred percent. I believe a lot in my team. We will go up because we have character and everything will be fixed.

Q: How is Luis Cťsar different from Anquela?
A: We work hard and the new coach asks us to be very close and very focused. In addition, there was something that was very important for me: against Racing we were losing 1-0 and we arrived at the changing room and he didn't say: ďWhat were you doing?Ē No. He supported the team a lot. He told us: ďNow patience, let's go out with pride, let's win the game." It means adrenaline for the team.

Q: Wasn't he angry?
A: No, he was a little nervous, like us, but he supports the team. We are happy. We work every day concentrated and that point means a lot, and itís noticed in the trainings. On Saturday things will work better for us.

Q: What did he ask you before going out to the field?
A: He always supports me a lot. He says: "Sasa, go out, look for space." Because I like to play the ball in depth. He supports me, and not just me. If in that first part I am the coach and we are in Serbia... Ha, be careful, I would have pulled the knives [laughs]. He is with us, and I didnít like the first part, we lacked confidence. Yoda scored a great goal and nobody put their foot to stop him, but the play comes out once in twenty attempts. He was lucky and then, when the coach spoke and said that we should be stronger, that this could be fixed... That was important for us. And I, happy for the goal. I just want things to be fixed.

Q: How have these two months been for you before scoring that goal?
A: In Arabia football is very different. For me the Segunda cannot be the best in the world, because there is the Primera Division, but thereís a lot of difference from where I came from. The passes, the aggressiveness and the systems are different. When I come here, I enjoy and I am very happy. But I have a thorn: when I played my first game, I came almost seven days without training. I wasnít very well prepared and performed for twenty minutes, and I wasnít well. I had a chance and I didn't control the ball, because I wasn't prepared. And I was sorry for that and it was hot afterwards, because I was trying to take advantage of my opportunity and that the fans could love me. It is what any player wants. And I went home, we had two days off and it was fatal, my God, I talked to the family and said, "I'm crap." But then I stayed calm and went to work, and little by little everything went better. I earned some pace and now I can say that I feel very good, very comfortable, and hopefully I can help my teammates.

Q: With the goal, was the thorn removed?
A: For any winger a goal means a lot. I hope I can score more, but I donít care, for me itís the same to score than to give a pass to my teammates and win.

Q: Did you imagine such a complicated situation when you signed?
A: I enjoy here with my team mates. Of course, I miss my wife, but we are always in touch and I am very happy, and she is happy for me, because I feel very comfortable here and I am not alone. Many colleagues call me: "Hey, Jova, let's eat." And we are together. Now things are not going well, and we are together. That means a lot. When things don't go well, and the team is together, it means the team is fine and has many good people. If things donít go well, in football itís very easy to blame another, or get angry, but here, I swear, there is no such thing. We are like a family.

Q: Between your companions it attracts the attention that Longo not only doesnít score, but that he almost doesnít shot on target.
A: I always want him by my side. I know him from playing in Tenerife and Girona, and he played very well. When he arrived he had no luck and was almost a month out, and it affects. But he is a person with a lot of character and in training and in matches is important for us. He had two injuries in the abductor muscles, but he is a spectacular footballer and he is going to shine, and I believe in him and we all believe in him. He is a very good forward.




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