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04 Nov 2019
A point that doesn’t taste as too much for the terrible football practiced by the team, Aketxe was benched, and it wasn’t the solution for a team with a terrible pass ratio since the arrival of the new coach.

The six notes from the game at Fuenlabrada CF:

1- Dull game: It’s hard to say that Depor added a point instead of dropping two, not only for the current situation at the standings, but for what the game was. Because Fuenlabrada and Depor did too little to deserve the victory, both teams were resigned to play on long throws and quick plays without accuracy, and the result was a boring game with only one shot on target for each team. Luis César was talking of improvement, but its hard to see it having this performance.

2- The passing ratios are getting worse: The result of the ugly game and the inaccuracies of both teams was a very poor passing ratio. The locals only had a 49% and Depor 40%. The big problem is that it is now a constant for the Galicians. Since the arrival of the new coach the passing ratio have been poor: 71% Vs. Las Palmas, 36% Vs. Málaga, 59% Vs. Racing and 40% Vs. Fuenlabrada.

3- The solution wasn’t to bench Aketxe: Luis César is still searching for a way to play, in the past game he decided to bench Gaku Shibasaki and now it was the time for Ager Aketxe. The Basque midfielder stayed out for the first time on the season after the coach was unable to find a position for him, and the result wasn’t positive. Because Deportivo continued to be a clueless team in attack, unable to chain passes and create opportunities.

4- The entry of Christian Santos: For the second straight game a change made by Luis César had an impact in the result. Perhaps Christian Santos didn’t doo too much, but at least he sent that chipping attempt after only seconds on the pitch that ended with the goal of Koné, and that was more than what Longo did throughout the 55 minutes the Italian attacker spent on the pitch.

5- The best from the game: Lampropoulos and Koné: Among the few good news from the game was to realize that Vassilios Lampropoulos is growing after a not too much convincing start to the season, the Greek centre-back made 9 clearances and 6 interceptions. Also, Koné had a decent game, once again he showed sacrifice running across the pitch for the ball and it was useful to win that ball inside the area that meant the equalizer.

6- New error from Dani Giménez: Dani Giménez was criticized for not defending better in the play of Fuenlabrada’s goal. The Galician keeper also failed a fortnight ago against Málaga, though in that opportunity he made several saves. Still, some fans are asking for an opportunity to Koke Vegas.



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