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04 Nov 2019
Depor’s coach is convinced that his men are improving despite they continue to miss the victory. The players had a similar view, though everybody admits that the team needs victories.

Luis César Sampedro was trying to say that the point was good, “We want to win, we come to a difficult field where many teams lose, many good teams passed through here and lost. This is a team that knows what they do and it was a game with constant transitions, it was impossible to have the ball for more than ten seconds, for both teams. It was a rude game, you saw it and always all the teams playing on here end losing.”

“I want to win and the weeks pass and we cannot win, you won’t fell fulfilled until you win. But it was an intense game with several fouls and collisions. Fuenlabrada wanted to defeat us and they were coming from winning at Las Palmas and couldn’t defeat us, so I guess that we did something right. Throughout a league the draws are valuable, there are teams that end out of promotion for a point. What happens is that it tastes like too little when you are needing to win and end drawing. But it’s true that we need to win and we will have to wait one more week.” He added.

He is convinced that Deportivo are still improving, “We need to be better in everything, we need to be stronger and better. We are still improving and this week we will have to do the same: to analyze what was good and bad. We allowed a goal when we were with ten men and it was painful, we had to concede in that play. We still need to improve. Now we go home and I see that the team is better compared to when we faced Málaga, what happens is that nobody believes as we aren’t winning.”

“The streaks always end, either if you re winning or losing, and this week we were closer to break it. Let’s hope it could be on next week as we can continue working. It’s time to win at home, in front of our fans. Yes, I’m worried and I need to prepare the team to win the next game. The situation will change, the standings reflects realities, but also lies and we are going up, I’m sure about that.” He ended.

Eneko Bóveda was having a bittersweet taste with the draw, "We fall short, because we are with certain urgencies and with a situation at the standings that’s very ugly to see. And we don’t go out of that. It is worse than good in this regard. What they play has been what we were prepared to play. The one that was better in the secondary plays was going to be victorious. The wind has even influenced the game during the first part. In everything that has been a direct game, where mainly there has been long throws and clearances, in the first part they have been clearly better; and in the second we have been slightly superior "

But the right-back defender is convinced that Depor are improving, "We are on a path of growth with many urgencies. A period of adaptation and consolidation of the ideas of the coach is combined with the situation at the standings, and lack of confidence is seen on the field. After two games where direct game has prevailed more, the dispute, the fight, now it comes a match that will be different at the Riazor. We have to be finer with the ball and to understand that the ball isn’t our enemy.”

Meanwhile, Koné was explained the play of his goal, "Christian Santos put a ball between the defense and the goalkeeper. The ball gave a weird jump. When I saw that the defender wasn’t coming, I took the opportunity to touch it with the toe. We had barely created danger in the opposing area, because the game was soon uphill. We have believed and fought until the end. Now we have to validate these last two matches by winning on Sunday."

At Fuenlabrada CF, Mere was having a bittersweet taste with the result, “It happened to us like the day of Albacete, maybe we paid a high price for the only chance for the rival, it happened the same now and it’s hard to say anything about the players with the attitude they had. They only had one chance and their striker won the position in an isolated play. But it’s positive as we drew against Deportivo La Coruña, but we have the feeling that we dropped two points, it’s what this league has.” 




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