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08 Nov 2019
Christian Santos isnít happy with his current season, he believes he could have had more minutes. He was even hinting that the major part of the players isnít heard inside the changing room.

Christian Santos addressed the media before Thursdayís training session, and he wasnít happy at all. First to all he complained of not having too many opportunities, "I donít regret for staying, the decision was good. I think I have a spot at the starting eleven, but it isnít happening. I donít know why. Thatís something you have to think about it and surely you are right. I think it isnít in my hands. I try to do my best in training, but it depends on the coach. If you analyze it well, I'm like the fifth striker or something. Last year it was something similar, but the results were arriving. I'm the first to support the team and look for solutions, but I don't think they count on me, at least not that much."

ďI would like to stay in Deportivo, but if everything goes against me, it is difficult. I want to do my best work, but I ask for everyone's support. Entering the field already in progress, with tired teammates, and trying to do something in ten or fifteen minutes, I see it very complicated. If one has continuity for ten games, then you will be another player. I have always said what I feel. When I'm happy I say it, and when I'm not, the same.Ē He added.

The Venezuelan attacker was also saying that he isnít totally comfortable with the playing style, "I can play the direct game easily, because I am strong and I fight against the centre-backs in the aerial game, but it isnít the game that I prefer. I like to associate and play at the first touch. If the crosses arrive to the area it would be ideal for me. Defining is very good for me. Still, I like the way the coach thinks, another thing is how we execute it."

He was even saying that things arenít totally okay inside the changing room, "In the changing room we all get along pretty well. It's a healthy competition. I think my relationship with the coach and the sporting director is normal. But they talk more with the players with weight at the changing room and I'm not one of them. We're twenty players and I think everyoneís opinion is important and not just two or three. They have to involve us all."

Finally, Santos was asking the fans for patience, ďI understand the fans, but in this situation, I only ask to be patient. To support us, because if the results come, better times will come. We are progressing, allowing fewer goals. You have to gain confidence and be daring. But we need to do it, with a cool head. Trying to associate." 




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